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                                                                                                  Mors Principium Est
                                                                                  And Death Said Live  AFM Records  

For a dramatic album, look no further than one Finland’s best Melodic Death Metal exports.   “And Death Said Live” has everything from drama to ecstatically good musicianship to make your hair stand on end.  This is the bands fourth album and has made this reviewer sit up and take notice of this bands pure skill and absorbing music once again. 


After 2007 'Liberation=Termination' the band has had major line-up changes and it’s been five years since Mors last release. Well Mors are back with a vengeance and have released a gem here with 'And Death Said Live', featuring guest appearances from Ryan Knight (The Black Dahlia Murder) and Jona Wienhofen (Bring Me The Horizon), you have eleven tracks of Metal Delrium.  


From the majestic opening with choral effects, you are transported into 'Departure' , you you feel the tension and the lyrics envelope you in the hate and sorrow of a death un meant.  Epic, heavy stuff.  The melodic death metal growls from Ville Viljanen are excellent throughout the album and really grab your attention.  'I Will Return' kind of hypnotises you, as the metal insanity flows, and the drumming resonates into your whole being, powerhouse drumming from Mikko makes this one of the strongest tracks on here, well to be fair they are all strong on here, but 'I Will Return' stands out for me.


'Birth of The Starchild' bashes into abandonment as the keyboards give it a unusual feel of techno/ metal for a second, then the guitarists Andy and Andhe blast out some pulsating riffs.  'Birth of the Starchild' features The Black Dahlia Murders Ryan Knight.  'Bringer of The Light' is excellent, insane guitar riffs turned up to 12 this will knock you flat on your face and have you begging for more, and 'Ascension' doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. 


Your neck gets a rest as the title track 'And Death Said Live' is a much needed respite from the

hammering riffs and metallic frenzy, and for two minutes your whole being drifts.  'Destroyer of All' wakes you up with a massive jolt, killer, thrashing metal madness ensues as we continue the demonic journey as heads are banged and mosh-pits erupt, especially so on 'What The Future Holds' featuring Jona Weinhofen from Bring Me The Horizon.  This is brutality delivered no holds barred, a mosh-pit on broken glass springs to mind!


Final track 'Dead Winds of Hope' will blow your mind it, like 'I Will Return' it delivers on all counts and Ville Viljanens vocals could tear you to shreds with his aggressive, gut wrenching growls delivered from the pits of damnation. So to sum up this album is excellent, I never found the album monotonous, in fact it’s anything but and deserves to be in your collection. Go get it NOW! 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. The Awakening
2. Departure
3. I Will Return
4. The Birth Of The Starchild
5. Bringer Of The Light
6. Ascension
7. ... And Death Said Live
8. Destroyer Of All
9. What The Future Holds
10. The Meadows Of Asphodel
11. Dead Winds Of Hope

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