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MG:Hi, Great to meet you, why the title "Shout for Heavy Metal"


Mortican: Well, we took this title to make sure, that Mortician is worshiping heavy metal. As we have recorded our CD every member of the band was listening to the songs of the whole album a few times. After that we decided, that the song SHOUT FOR HEAVY METAL is really reflecting the whole album. So in the End we had an easy decision to pick the right album title.


MG: It is brilliant and a well executed album, do you have a personal favourite on it

Mortican: Thank you very much for this compliment.  To answer this question we can tell you, that for us this is a hard question to answer. For us all songs are killers :-). Maybe SHOUT FOR HEAVY METAL is one. But if we are honest, all the songs are a kind of baby for us. 


MG: You released an album in 2011 why  so long til this release

Mortican: Well, Guns N´Roses took I think 10 Years to record Chinese Democracy. So if we take this as a basis, 3 Years are ok ;-).  But you are right, we are not the fastest songwriters. 


MG: The Album cover is interesting  kinda  early Eddie out of Iron Maiden design, can you tell me a bit about it and did you have any input into its design

Mortican: A good friend of the band, Radim Chalupa drew it. We talked with him about our idea that we wanted to integrate our Mortician-Man (which up to this point still has no name). To reflect our album title  "SHOUT FOR HEAVY METAL" our idea was to see the face from the Mortician-Man scream. In the back radim integrated the audience. It was radims idea to draw something wich is connected to the song Promised Land. Thats why on the back of the cover some knights are shown. Up to the point of finishing the picture we couldn´t really have a look on it, so that the artistic freedom was ensured. But we knew that he will do a good job and so we trusted him. And what can we say, we like it.

MG: "No War" is a collectors item , do you own a copy yourself

Mortician(Thomas): Yes I have :-). I´m a proud owner of  two copies from the NO WAR EP and I also have the Master EP of it.


MG: Plans for the rest of the year, and what does 2015 hold for you guys 

Mortician: This Year: As we are glad to have a new member in the Band, Alex on the drum, we have to exercise with him until our(mine and patriks) fingers bleed, the voice from Daniel has gone and Alex is completley primed for what it means to be on Stage with Mortician.

Next Year we´ll start with the release show in January, followed by the "Alpine Steel Festival" in Innsbruck and some other great gig´s,  wich already are not finalized, so we can tell no details about it.



MG: Whats your feelings on the current Metal scene 

Mortician: Well what we really appreciate is the fact that metal never dies. Yes, the scene has changed, but this is a natural process. For us the most important is that there are people out which really worship all the metal bands. Some of them do it with ep´s, some of them with cd´s and a few of them buy the music in online stores like itunes. The most important is, that the people join the concerts and have fun with the bands who play for them.   We as Mortician can be proud especially about our local metal scene which really is supporting us in a celeberrimous way, so that every concert turns into something special.

MG: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in a band

Mortician: That´s easy. What ever you do, have fun with it and don´t forget about the feeling in the music :-).

MG: What you have been listening to recently

Mortician: Thomas currently bought the new CD of Exodus, I (Daniel) am happy with the new album from Godsmack and the new record from slash and Patrik currently was listening Iced Earth.


MG : Four words to describe Mortician

Mortician: Metal, Passion, Fun & Kicking Ass

MG: Thanks for your time and is their anything you would like to say to our Listeners and your fans


Mortician:Thank you very much for the opportunity to give this interview. We wish all the metal supporters that 2015 will be a great year with many concerts, good shows, great beers and beautiful girls :-).


Interview: Seb Di Gatto















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