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                                                                                                          Date: 30 May 2012   

MM: You must be really excited about the upcoming release?Alex - Can't wait! We're so excited to see our hard work develop onto what we hope is just the beginning of a great music career, the fact that our label Napalm Records believes in us, makes it easier to keep moving forward and to keep working hard!

MM: Which bands influenced you growing up and who has grabbed your attention now?Alex - Helloween, Exciter, Exodus, Grim Reaper, Metallica (early), Anthrax, Flotsam & Jetsam (early) are some of our favourites! When it comes to new bands, Toxic Holocaust is one that comes to mind, but we all seem to prefer more old school bands.  I think since the five of us listen to so many different genres, it's hard to pin point where the main influences come from, yet somehow we all seem to meet in a combination of rock and roll, punk, speed and thrash metal.



MM: How did Mortillery form?Alex - It all started in late 2008 with Max (original drummer), Alex G. and Miranda jamming a couple riffs.  After 2 or 3 jams Cara joined the band to give us much needed vocals.  Shortly after James joined as lead.  

Miranda being a huge fan of metal, Alex G. coming from a punk background and Cara bringing strong power metal type vocals, it was easy really.  

After a couple of member changes, the final line up was formed with Cara on vocals, Alex G. on rhythm, Miranda on bass, Alex S. on lead and Kevin on drums.  Thrash is what united us and what keeps us going!


MM: Is there a good metal scene in Canada?Alex - Definitely! Bands like Skull Fist, Striker, Cauldron, 3 Inches of Blood are just a few examples of how well and alive metal is in Canada, not to mention all the local talent from every town we visit and play at.  Ever since Razor, Exciter and Annihilator, Canada has stayed very active in metal.  We're proud to join them in representing our country in such a large community like the world metal scene.














MM: What are your personal favourite tracks from 'Murder Death Kill'? Alex - 'Without Weapons', 'Outbreak', 'Despised By Blood' are top 3 says Cara.  'Fritzl's Cellar' and 'Voracious Undead' are really fun to play too, 'Sacrifice' seems to be a fan favourite!MM: How has the band been received by old school thrash fans?Alex - Amazing response! Many of them express how great it is to hear this old style of thrash again.  It feels good to know that people who were there during the hay day of the 80's thrash era, feel like we are doing a great job at keeping the sound pure to its form!


MM: Thrash Metal as a genre is once again on the rise commercially and creatively.  What do you attribute to the re-found interest in the genre? 

Alex - It's hard to say why ... it's probably because like they say, history repeats itself, especially when it's something great like a genre that incorporates so many different styles of metal.  The 80's weren't enough and there's much more thrash to be had.  Regardless of why it's popular again, we promise to play thrash like it is 1985 and never stop!


MM: Having  a female singer in a metal band must attract a huge amount of attention from fans.  Has it become easier to deal with as time goes by or has the attention just kept on increasing?


 Alex - Well it's not like people tell us that they are interested in us because of a specific member of the band, we are Mortillery, 5 people representing 1 thing.  In interviews it comes up a lot, but out there no one seems to really care, or at least mention it to us.  We feel like we are viewed as a metal band just like any other, regardless of whether our singer is female or male.


MM: So are you due to hit the road soon?, and if so do you intend to come to Europe? 

Alex - Of course we do!  We can't wait to be able to bring our music there.  We are doing everything we can to play Europe as soon as possible, as of right now were concentrating on some new music and as soon as we can we will bring our noise to you!


MM: If you had to describe Mortillery's music in three words, what would they be?  

Alex - Eighties thrash metal, toxic metal punk, fast faster and fastest! haha


!MM: Where would you like Mortillery to be in two years? 

Alex - Touring everywhere.  All of us really want to play the big festivals Europe has.   We want our music to reach every corner of this planet!  We know that there are thrashers all around the world, and we wanna head-bang with them!


MM: Which bands would you most like to tour with? Alex - Any thrash or power metal band really.  We had the chance to play with Toxic Holocaust on our first show ever, and since then we have wanted to tour with them.  We also got to play with Death Angel and to go on the road with them would be a great!

MM: Any final words for all your fans and our readers?Alex - Thank you to all who have listened to our music and to all who have spread the word about Mortillery.  80's thrash is back!  Europe we're coming to getcha!!!!


Interview by: Seb Di Gatto, Photo's by: Michael Scorpio Photography.



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