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                                                                                                              My Only Solution Interview  21/06/22

MM:Tell us when you first came in contact with Metal/ Rock music and what was your first concert?


I think when I was around 13/14 I discovered Bring Me The Horizon and My Chemical Romance. They completely changed my life. However, my first concert was actually the Jonas Brothers in 2009, it was pretty sick to be honest. I think my next gig after that was actually Bring Me The Horizon.


MM: How did you get the band name


Originally it was “The Only Solution” but our old drummer said we should change it to “My” at the start. He was definitely right.


MM:Why did you want to play in this genre of music


There’s something so impactful and moving about rock music. It has the ability to move a room unlike any other I think.


MM: Who or what inspires you to write songs? What bands have inspired you the most?


Personal stuff is always a factor in our music. We’ve done stuff based around concepts before and we intend to do more of that, but it’s hard to not let your life guide the music. It almost becomes impossible to write about anything else sometimes.


MM: Can you tell us about your music that you have released so far?


We’re currently releasing singles from our brand new album “Violent Delights Have Violent Ends” which we’ve been working on for a while. We’ve released quite a lot of music already but this genuinely feels like the first thing we’ve done. It’s taken us almost 6 years to figure out what makes this band what it is.


MM: Which places to play were important to you and why?


Manchester Academy 3 was a huge deal for us. We’ve seen so many bands there that it felt completely surreal to be playing there. It was also our last show before the pandemic shut everything down so it holds a really special place. We’d love to play a big headline show there.


MM: What was the weirdest show you ever played and why? feel free to name more than one, and don't withhold the details .


We played a few shows really early on in some function rooms where everybody was sat down. That was really weird, we may as well have been playing to an empty room.


MM: Are there any other types of music you would like to play with a band?


I mean we could play our back catalogue and go through a bunch of different genres just doing that. We love to make different music every release. It just makes everything really excited when we go to write something because we don’t limit ourselves to anything.


MM: What can one expect if they go to one of your concerts?


A lot of energy and (unfortunately) a lot of sweat.


MM: Which festivals would you like to play at?


Reading and Leeds would be a dream comes true. Or Neighbourhood festival in Warrington.


MM: What are your plans for the future?


We want to play all over the UK and go where we’ve never gone. We just want challenges and exciting shows, connecting with people all over. It would be sick to do a tour and just meet people all over the country.


MM: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else to add?


Our new album is out July 1st!! Check us out at

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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