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                                                                                                  Negative Frame interview 30/09/23

MM: Can you tell us about your Band and whos your biggest influences

Negative Frame formed during the spring of 2017 through skating around London. Brought together by our passion for death metal, hardcore and groove-based bands like Burn The Priest/Lamb Of God. We fuse our favourite parts of heavy music and are a part of the thriving UKHC scene, it’s violent, chaotic and truly the best time ever.
Other bands that influence our sound include Acid Bath, Disembodied, Bad Brains, Sanction, and Malevolence.

MM: What would you say is your Bands favourite song ?

We dropped The Mercy Killing EP last month and just came back from our release tour with Street Solider! It was insane. Other than our fresh material, Small World is one of our anthems that sums up the sound well.

MM: Plans tour and festival wise for 2023

We’re heading back to Portugal/Spain for an epic Halloween run this October! 2024 brings our biggest tours yet, we’ll be covering almost all of Europe with tours and festivals next year, LFG!

MM: What can we expect from Negative Frame live

We bring the violence from the crowd but also bring the stage divers, two steppers and mic grabbers. We’re very passionate about this band and we show it. We used to breathe fire live at every show, and might be bringing this back ;).

MM: What do you like best and worst about touring

We’ve always looked at the problems and chaotic ‘in the moment’ missions as a part of the whole touring experience. We’ve been stranded in the middle of nowhere, been stuck sleeping on the airport floor… it’s all part of the madness and we’ve always made it to rock the show. We’ll go through anything for that 25 minutes of hardcore mayhem.

MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other
than your own) and why

I was trickshotting on Call of Duty back in 2013 when my friend called, he said Slayer and Iron Maiden were playing in the park… I genuinely thought it was a tribute band… We got in the car and arrived at Sonisphere Festival half an hour from my place, I was 13 walking through the campsite full of passed-out, Slipknot jump-suit-wearing metal heads and was greeted by the real fucking Slayer, one of my favourite bands ever.
MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far
with Negative Frame.

After grinding shows around the country for years every weekend, we started to sell out London shows. We joined forces with Matt from Avocado Booking, who’s also the vocalist of Funeral For A Friend. Our first major show with them was opening for Thy Art Is Murder at The Dome, sold out full of 600 metalheads, it fucking rocked!

MM: Which are your Two favourite Albums of all time

Reign In Blood - Slayer
Burn The Priest - Burn The Priest

MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how
it felt to have people watching you?

After countless school bands, including making our school prom turn into a full mosh pit, we started the band when I was 16. I always knew performing at school was gonna turn into something bigger, it was always my dream to tour.

We played our first show in front of about 30 drugged-up indie kids who were totally not expecting a heavy band. I guess they enjoyed it as everyone was push-pit moshing. We used to email every promoter in London and would play every bill we could, we’re honoured that people now care about us all over the world.

MM: Growing up which Bands posters did you have on your
bedroom wall.

Ever since I had my own room by the age of 7, I’ve gone through many arrays of heavy posters, flyers and set lists on the wall. From the classic Slayer, Maiden, Jimi Hendrix ones to local DIY hardcore punk show flyers printed on old-school copywriters…
MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now?

We’ve always been about the live show. Visiting new places as a group of friends is always fun. We’ve made new friends across the world through this band and are stoked to visit many more countries next year.

MM:If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and

We’ve covered many fun songs like Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse), Set It Off (Madball), and Burning Fight (Inside Out), we wanna cover some fun punk rock songs like New Roes during our Halloween tour… alongside a potential 25 Ta Life cover.

MM: Four words to describe Negative Frame
Final Words for your fans and our readers


Thank you for having us. Check out The Mercy Killing EP available on 12” Vinyl From The Coming Strife Records and CD from Death Farm Records. Limited tour merch is available on our Bandcamp.





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