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                                                                                         "Strangers In  Paradise" 
                                                               Label: Inner Wound Recordings    Release Date 28th November 2014
I first came across Neonfly at a festival in Manchester quiet a long time ago and their sheer brilliance ,appetite, and performance made me a fan right away.

Then  catching them again a few months later I  reviewed their excellent debut "Outshine The Sun" for The Metal Gods Meltdown, this band always had it in them to reach for the stars and become a household name. 


They  recently shared a stage with the mighty  Dragonforce ,  and earlier in the year supported Rock legends Magnum, as well as opening for the god that is Alice Cooper in the not so distance past so you know you are going to be listening to something special and believe me they have  delivered a sublime , hard, and heavy  masterpiece with "Strangers In Paradise".

Guitarists Patrick Harrington  and Frederick Thunder duel and unleash some frenetic killer solos through out this opus as the ever so talented,  and instantly recognisable Willy Norton's vocals reach crescendos and heights of melodious Metal abandonment, Paul Millers heavy thudding Bass booms and thuds and Boris La Gauls drums rock and resonate with menace.


Kicking off with "Whispered Dreams" the band unleash a tune that catches you singing along  with the first spin! as these Londoners delve  and pound  your cerebral cortex,  its a superb opener to possibly one  of the top releases this year from the  United Kingdoms best Power, Melodic Metal band. 

The lyrics are insanely catchy I love the words on "Highways to Nowhere" its got everything in it and is my favourite as Willy sings "you mutilate self flagellate" it just makes you smile and sing while bowing  down to the greatness of NEONFLY! "Better Angels" is a snappy and captivating tune its a real summer drive down the freeway number.


"Rose in Bloom" drags you kicking and screaming back to the days of Hair Metal and MTV, its got the richness of the sunset strip with some skilful solos taking you  to the  Whiskey A Go Go  back in 1984! 

"Heart of The Sun" opens with a huge keyboard orchestration and draws you into a labyrinth of powerful progressive tones. "Aztec Gold" is a instrumental of monumental proportions as the two guitarists deliver some awe inspiring solos.

"Fierce Battalions" sees drummer Boris La Gaul coming to the fore as he fights and battles with the drums and shows his  sticks man mastery. "Sons of Liberty" has a string arrangement and stunning orchestrations which melt in with the guitars and Norton's vocals,  its an uplifting number that takes you onto the penultimate track "Chasing the Night" which runs at nearly seven minutes its a monster of transcendent Power/ Progressive Metal, and will sear your skin  with the guitar solo half way through.


Final song is a Ballad that any AOR band would be proud of,  it tingles your spine and finishes what has to be one of the albums of the year from a UK band.
You can tell the band have sweated blood and tears,  and what they have produced is first class the band have put their hearts and souls into this release as you know the second album is always the hardest , and after their stunning debut they had to come up with something special and I would say this blows "Outshine The Sun" out of the water and into the Metal Galaxy. Its been too long since I have seen these guys live I will be remedying that and so should you and make sure you are no "Stranger in Paradise"!


                                                                                             Score : 10/10!!
Review Seb Di Gatto


Track listing:
01. Whispered Dreams
02. Highways To Nowhere
03. Better Angels
04. Rose In Bloom
05. Heart Of The Sun
06. Aztec Gold
07. Fierce Battalions
08. Sons Of Liberty
09. Chasing The Night
10. Falling Star

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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