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                                                                  Outshine The Sun   Label: Rising Records  

Three years after the  EP 'Clever Disguise', comes  Neonfly’s debut full-length release 'Outshine the Sun'.

Neonfly are a London-based Power metal, melodic metal band. 


The song 'Broken Wings' is the mega catchy start to the album, and as you listen, you know you are in for a treat, this is Power metal at its very best .


'The Enemy' is delivered by new vocalist Will Norton, with such ferocious and melodic tones, you can’t but help keep replaying this track.  Will Norton has to be one of the best Melodic vocalists to have graced a stage in a very long time.


'Ship with No Sails' is a beautifully constructed track, a fine ballad.  The band then step up a gear with 'A Gift To Remember', amazing vocals and procession guitar totally brilliant playing with a sing-along chorus.


Next up is a haunting number 'The Revenant', the lyrics are out of this world … The excellent instrumental 'The Ornament' is kind of mesmerizing. 

I am not a big fan of instrumentals myself, but that said, I really enjoyed this one!


'Reality Shift' is a powerful song, storming out of your speakers, then bludgeoning you!!!!!     

'Spitting Blood' is a vicious, in your face number. 

The guitar playing at the end is pretty damn special, turn it up to eleven if you haven`t already!!!!


Love the intro to 'Morning Star' and this track has to be my favourite song on this amazing album. 

This song has it all, top notch guitar solos and another track with a killer chorus and a killer finish with amazing backing vocals.

'The Messenger' starts in a dramatic fashion, then slows down into ballad territory, then speeds up totally with some super frenetic guitar playing.  A totally immense track.


'I Think I Saw A UFO' is a fun track to end a totally awesome album!

If you love metal with an edge then this is the album for you. 


Yes it has some slower numbers, but don’t let that deter you from giving this album a listen, time and time again!.

Neonfly have included played at Bloodstock . 

Their live performances are phenomenal, as is this great Album.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto                   Score 8/10



1. Broken Wings
2. The Enemy
3. Ship With No Sails
4. A Gift To Remember
5. The Revenant
6. The Ornament
7. Reality Shift
8. Spitting Blood
9. Morning Star
10. The Messenger
11. I Think I Saw A U.F.O.




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