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                                                                                            Nitrogods   SPV Records / Steamhammer  

Nitrogods hail from Germany, led by frontman Oimel Larcher, (who has more gravel in his voice than Lemmy), together with two former members of German metal legends Primal Fear, namely guitarist Henry Wolter (who was also in Thunderhead) and drummer Klaus Sperling (also of Freedom Call).  Nitrogods are a no bullshit Rock n' Roll band, but pay attention because this is no ordinary Rock n' Roll, this is HEAVY!!  Steeped in metal and infused with delicious Blues.     

'Black Car Driving Man' with its Rockabilly influences and relentless pace, is a song that immediately gets into your head.  Not only will you be head-banging along, but you'll be foot-tapping as well. 

'Demolition Inc.' is fast and furious, with pounding drums and wailing guitars.  Relish this number, as the demon rock seeps into consciousness.  'At Least I'm Drunk' is a catchy, fun filled song.  Very bluesy and dripping in Bourbon and Honey. 


'Gasoline' is stomping rock and roll frenzy.  It will make you get up and jive, even if you don’t know how.  The brilliant 'Whiskey Wonderland' features Nazareth's Dan McCafferty, (who’s voice is so made to sing the blues). 

This is wonderful, an evocative song encapsulating the very essence of what the blues is all about.  In this case, shooting someone who really gets on your nerves, probably regretting it, then getting hopelessly drunk.  Good stuff and for me, probably the standout track on this record.  'Licence To Play Loud' is a little reminiscent of Motorhead, but a terrific song. 


'Lip Synch Stars' is not a stand out song, but is ok, and hits out at – (the clue is in the title).  

Then there is a change in tempo as the country sounding 'Rifle Down' boogies along.  Fast Eddie Clarke (ex-Motorhead) features on 'Wasted In Berlin'.  The excellent 'Zombie Train' was released on video back in March and is definitely worth having a look.  It finishes off a fun, rocking album.  

Just let your hair down and give this a listen.  Nitrogods are definitely worth it.

Review by: Alison "Bear" Caswell



1. Black Car Driving Man
2. Demolition Inc.
3. At Least I'm Drunk
4. Gasoline
5. Whiskey Wonderland
6. Licence To Play Loud
7. Lipsynch Stars
8. The Devil Dealt The Deck
9. Rifle Down
10. Riptide
11. Wasted In Berlin
12. Zombietrain

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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