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                                                                                                               Now or Never ll

                                                                                                               Label:Mighty Music

                                                                                                               Release Date:26th Feb 


Now or Never return with their second album, this super group are made up of two former members from Danish Rockers Pretty Maids ,Ricky Marx (Guitars) Kenn Jackson (Bass) ,also thrown into the mix are Sultans Ranzo (Drums) and the excellent , soaring and captivating vocals of ex French Metallers Nightmare's Jo Amore so you are guaranteed a barnstorming album and with “II” the band have delivered something very special.

These veteran’s open proceedings with a spoken snippet from the film “Cape Fear” that leads into the absolutely sumptuous “The Voice Inside” The drums explode into life and then there is the unmistakable voice of Jo Amore that draws you into Now or Nevers latest release, as the guitars ebb and flow it’s a great opening track.


“Sonic Ecstasy” will see you saluting the band as the vibrant and intense opening to this track ignites your life force, listen to the lyrics and immerse yourself in “Now or Nevers”  ceaseless  passion for delivering Hard Rocking, head banging “proper” music! Ricky Marx delivers some stupendous riffs throughout this release no more so than on “Sonic Ecstasy “ which is a highlight for me . “King for A Day” opens in a symphonic mode that sees you gliding like an Angel to the Metal heavens.     


Ranzo's  drums ignite and you are led into a pounding majestic piece.

“I Shall Remember” has anthem written all over, with the deep bass Riffs from Ken Jackson and scorching Metal licks courtesy of Ricky Marx it’s a sure fire winner.

“I`ll be Waiting” has a get your lighters (Mobile phones then! Health and Safety!) out and join the band in this slower piece, a song that’s ideal for a live setting, its dramatic, heart felt and a gripping tune. “The Answer” opens with some powerhouse drumming that then leads to Amores vocals where he grabs the bull by its horns and unleashes his distinctive tones.


“Revolution” is an intelligent and thought provoking piece especially in today’s political climate,  making you think while rocking your socks off! “Save Me " clocks in at just over seven minutes, it's slow melodic opening builds into something that touches your psyche, it’s a monolithic piece with some stunning riffs that really put the Now or Never Angel on top of the Metal tree!


Penultimate track “Feel Alive” is a thumping song that indeed does make you “Feel Alive”, I really liked the symphonic , melded in with some more hair raising licks from Marx! “Til The End of Time” ends the album with a soothing ballad, my least favourite track on here if I am honest, but that’s just me! for Melodic Hard rock lovers this song will score ten outta ten!!


A superb album to start 2016! I and a special mention must go to the artwork, like the band’s debut it’s a tasteful masterpiece and I hope the band will release the cover as a poster as its one to frame and have on your wall!


Members: Ricky Marx (ex Pretty Maids) - Guitars // Ranzo (ex Sultan) - Drums  Jo Amore (ex Nightmare) - Vocals // Kenn Jackson (ex Pretty Maids) - Bass                                                                                              


Review : Seb Di Gatto   Score:9.5/10          Facebook  Website



01. The Voice Inside
02. Sonic Ecstasy
03. King For A Day
04. I Shall Remain
05. I’ll Be Waiting
06. The Answer
07. Revolution
08. Save Me
09. Feel Alive

10.til the end of time

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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