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                                                                                                    Title: Remade In Steel

                                                                                                    Label: Independent

                                                                                                    Release date:10th March 2023

Canadian metallers Odinfist deliver a steel-enthused six-track album of traditional-sounding metal with "Remade In Steel".

These aficionados of the scene are made up of  Tyler Anderson's molten metal vocals and killer riffs combined with Justin Ketterers and the rhythm section of Jess Valster on bass and Bradley Caulien flaying the skins deliver on this release.

I promise you are in for one hell of a treat as “Riffmaster”  echoes and embeds itself into your conscience. These guys convey a no holds barred attitude and provide the fuel to light the fire of every metalhead worldwide, as the chorus pounds into the room you raise your horns in salute and sing yourself hoarse.

So after that stellar opener, we are then drawn into ” Metalmancer” a thumping statement of intent as this juddering behemoth takes hold, simply outstanding. The aptly titled “Remade In steel” has some delicious riffs with a triumphant feel, this colossus number has an epic verve to it that has you coming back for more as you hit the repeat button unsheathe your sword, and go into battle. The feel of Iron Maiden's earlier days spills out of your speakers as “Allfather” takes hold, another fist-pummelling delight with its addictive chorus echoing into the stratosphere.   

The penultimate track “Deadline” has some meaty grooves and chugs along like the devil's express taking you on a ride of highs and lows, a slower number with some surprises in store on this journey. 

Simply love the way the final track “Masquerade works its magic on you a sublime and thrilling ride running at nearly nine minutes it is a monstrous tune to finish off this superb release.

Odinfist doesn’t disappoint with this the band's seventh album and will have you looking into the band's back catalog.

Old-school metal is in vogue and on the rise and Odinfist delivers on all fronts with this anthem-filled good-time, moshing composition of heavenly Heavy Metal!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto             Reviewed:29/01/23


Track Listing:​
1. Riffmaster
2. Metalmancer
3. Remade in Steel
4. Allfather
5. Deadline
6. Masquerade

Album and Live Band Line Up:​
Tyler Anderson - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Bradley Caulien - Drums
Justin Ketterer - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jesse Valstar - Bass

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