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                                                                                     Orden Ogan
                                                                   To The End  AFM Records  

With 'To The End' Orden Ogan have produced an album full of uplifting, Symphonic, Power Metal. 


It opens up with an instrumental, comprising  dueling guitars that gear you up for the fabulous title track 'To the End', an impressive tune that characterizes a totally phenomenal album, this a mixture of old and new metal that will appeal to most if not all metal heads, with scorching solos. 


It totally blows your socks off.  This is an epic opener.  


Then we have (in my opinion) the best track on the album, the recently released song 'The Things We Believe In', a song I have featured a few times on the Metal Meltdown Cloud casts and certainly will again. 


There’s something about this tune, it’s a folky, power metal, melodic sing-along superstar on a stupendously insanely brilliant album from these German maestros, make sure you check out the video for this song it is excellent.  

'Land of The Dead' is another tune that will have you singing and chanting. 


How this band is not much bigger is baffling, this is a stadium filling song, well they all are! 


'The Ice Kings' opens with a relaxingly therapeutic piano and has such a nice gentle beginning where Seebs vocals will send shivers down your spine.  A really nice song and another anthem if ever there was one, as the song reaches it’s end there is a searing guitar solo, amazing stuff!  Ah then we are back to the Power  Metal 'Til The Stars Cry Out' crashes out of your sound system, speedy, total metal, head banging heaven. Hell yeah! 


The next three tracks 'This World of Ice', 'Dying Paradise' and 'Mystic Symphony' continue the power metal feast.  Then we come to the longest track 'Angels War', running at over seven minutes this track is very progressive in style and pretty much spellbinding,  as it weaves and curves into your conscience.   Everything about 'Angels War' is spot on.  

'Take This Light' opens with a gentle piano and  again the goose bumps return a great melodic tune to end an instantly likeable, catchy, exciting, wonderful album. 


So one may surmise that this has to be another contender for album of the year, produced by lead singer Seeb, there is not one filler on it.


The album  will be released in a ltd. wooden box and the digipak, 'To The End' will be released on Vinyl as well, double-vinyl (black) – limited to 250 copies double-vinyl (ice clear vinyl) – limited to 250 copies.  Both editions come in a nice gatefold sleeve.  Personally I ordered the Digi Pack and cannot wait for it arrive! Also the band will be hitting the road soon and it will definitely be a s show not to miss.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. The Frozen Few
2. To The End
3. The Things we Believe In
4. Land Of The Dead
5. The Ice Kings
6. Till The Stars Cry Out
7. This World Of Ice
8. Dying Paradise
9. Mystic Symphony
10. Angels War
11. Take This Light

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