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                                                                                                                    Orden Ogan


                                                                                             Label:AFM Records

                                                                                             Release Date:7th July 2017

The awesome, and totally captivating Power Metallers Orden Ogan return with their fifth Album titled “Gunmen” it’s the Bands heaviest release to date with out a doubt. Full of heroic melodies, and divine choral effects that sees them excel with this ten track monster that isn’t a conceptual piece, more individual stories about the Wild West.


The first two songs on this opus have already been released, the title track “Gunmen” opens with  huge symphonic momentum that fires straight at your heart, as galloping guitars join the mix ,and  the choral effects draw you in, it’s easy to see why this was the first Single, and  as ever with these guys the video that accompanies the song is excellent.

“Fields of Sorrow” is a personal favourite, the first time I heard this song I was instantly hooked it’s a hugely emotional piece full of dynamics that are simply divine, the Band work their magic on your being and questions are asked in the chorus. I think you will find the choruses though out this release intoxicating no more so than on this song.


“Forlorn and Forsaken” is pure Power Metal heaven with melodic guitar man ship from Tobi and Seeb interwoven with the mesmerizing Vocal might as well of Seeb, the massive rhythm section courtesy of Niels on Bass and Dirk on  Drums sees this track soaring high into the heavens  above.

“Vampire in Ghost Town” has a magical twin guitar assault and the tone becomes expectedly darker as it is backed by a cadaverous choir to add to the songs makeup.


Liv Kristine (ex Leaves Eyes) features on “Come With Me to the Other Side” it starts of gently then explodes into life with pounding Drums ,and immense vocals from both Seeb and Liv that make this one a cacophonous delight! “Face of Silence” screams to be played live (as all the ten tracks do!) as you can see a mass of fists and Vocal chords stretching away in your minds eye.

“Ashen Rain” sees some killer powerhouse Drumming ,and heavy driving Bass as you Get soaked in a downpour of Metal Riffs it’s a Metal heads exultation. “Down Here (Wanted Dead or Alive)” is as catchy as hell and has you singing a long before the songs even finished on the first listen.    


Penultimate track “One Last Chance” chugs along as the band weave  their magic spell, it’s a bit of a plodder compared to the rest on here, but believe me there is not a bad track on the album , so we come to the piece de resistance “Finis Coronat Opus” it’s a true epic that sends shivers through your spine , an emotional roller coaster ride to what is a truly stunning release from one of my favourite bands.


To sum up:

Make sure you take note of the Album Artwork and the exceptional

lyrical content throughout it is simply absorbing and outstanding as you continue to delve deeper into this work of art, “Gun Men” is probably the Best Power Metal Album you will hear all year!


Reviewed By: Seb Di Gatto        Score:10/10

Reviewed 19/06/17


Track listing

1. Gunman

2. Fields Of Sorrow

3. Forlorn And Forsaken

4. Vampire In Ghost Town

 5. Come With Me To The Other Side

6. The Face Of Silence

7. Ashen Rain

8. Down Here

9. One Last Chance

10. Finis Coronat Opus


Band Members

SEEB - vocals, lead-guitar, keyboards
TOBI - lead-guitar
NIELS - bass
DIRK - drums













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