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                                                                                 Force Of Destruction

                                                                                 Label:  Napalm Records    

Metallers, Paragon are a vastly under rated band from Hamburg, Germany. These Teutonic rockers have delivered an album with a no holds barred attitude, and metal mayhem ensues throughout 'Force Of Destruction'.

 With a gentle acoustic opening the band execute an explosive delivery as 'Iron Will' battles through on all fronts, as drums are pounded into submission, guitars are shredded and vocalist Andreas Babuschkin shows his intention to deliver Iron and steel to an album that’s melodic, catchy, heavy and really enjoyable. 


We are battered and bruised as 'Tornado' rips up trees and has heads banging in tribute to this Metal storm of  glory. 

'Gods of Thunder' has some brilliant riffs and Babuschkins intimidating vocal style is menacing, drawing you ever farther in. 

'Blood & Iron' is without a doubt the strongest and best track on this album, running at eight minutes, this is truly impressive as it builds and seeps into your consciousness featuring Iron Saviour's Pier Sielck and Gamma Ray's Kai Hansen. 

This is not only a deep dark and foreboding Power metal track delivered with a Metal-tastic finesse, this is epic-ness beyond epic! 


After you recover from Blood & Iron' the album continues and does not to disappoint. 

'Dynasty', 'Rising from the Black' and the enthralling 'Demons Lair' truly impresses and leaves you amazed at how brilliant Paragon really are. #The album finishes with 'Secrecy' and riffs abound as Wolfgang Tewes Guitars, Jan Bertram Guitars, and Jan Bünning Bass, destroy. 


The final word spoken is 'Victory', well these Power Metallers have released a victorious album here without a doubt.

This is their debut on  Napalm Records, having released their previous work on smaller labels let’s hope the band NOW get the deserved recognition they fully deserve with this ten track opus as it kicks ass and destroys all who stand in its way! And it has to be said your Metal life will be all the richer with another excellent band from the land of Teutonic Metal mastery. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto            Score : 9/10            Facebook



1. The Last Day On Earth
2. Iron Will
3. Tornado
4. Gods Of Thunder
5. Bulletstorm
6. Blood
7. Blades Of Hell

8. Dynasty
9. Rising From The Black
10. Demon's Lair
11. Secrecy  

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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