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                                                                                                          "Hell Beyond Hell"
                                                                                                         Label: Remedy Records
                                                                                                         Release date: 18.03.2016

Heavy Metal Troopers Paragon return with their 11th Album it sees these Masterful Teutonic Metallers release their heaviest  to date.

The last Album I reviewed of Paragon (Force of Destruction)  the guys were with Napalm Records ,since then a few things have changed  the band have re signed to the more independent “Remedy Records” and have enlisted the help of Piet Sielck (Iron Saviour) on Production again after he worked on the bands last Album  "Force of Destruction".


“Rising Forces” opens this Pure Metal Meltdown.  

Fast as a feeding shark lightning riffs rip into your presence courtesy of returning band founder Martin Christian with Jan Bertman on guitars accompanied by  oh so UDOish vocals from Andreas Bushkin, and backed by the fierce and unstoppable drumming of Sören Teckenburg and deep Bass Rhythm’s from Jan Bünning, the Forces of Metal are out and ready to take you on a journey of True Metal ecstasy!

“Hypnotized” rampages with its relentless bone crunching , powerful speeding musicianship it steals your soul as the chorus rings out, it is truly addictive , one I kept returning to before proceeding further into this opus , but when I did…


Wow! the title track “Hell Beyond Hell” opens like the gates of Gomorrah, its heavy ,deep tones draw you in , it will see a rabid audience punch the air in unison ,as the chorus is sung you find yourself nailed to the cross in burning hell.

After this opening tsunami of magnificent musicianship you are taken to “Heart of Black” its light emotive opening soon explodes into a full frontal Metal assault as this seven plus minute monster invades and tortures the psyche, as the screaming guitars from both Christian and Martin deliver a victorious onslaught. “Stand Your Ground” has a rip roaring sing along chorus which sees Teckenburg continue to give his drum kit one helluva beating.

“Stand Your Ground “will see you singing and raising your Metal horns to the heavens throughout this number.

The guitar solo is stunning, this is a battle ready song, urging you to fight and indeed “Stand Your Ground”.  

“Meat Train” I wasn’t too keen on at first ,but then the guitar man ship ,and wall shaking drums burst into action and you can’t help but  like this song .  Babuschkins vocals really shine on “Buried in Blood” and “Devils Waiting Room” he has a hell of a voice, and yes there are similarities  with other vocalists but so what! this man ,and his band mates really deliver the goods!


 “Devils Waiting Room” is a spell inducing Metal Ballad that’s a devilish pleasure, full of spills and thrills as you take the road to damnation and linger  in the dark ones waiting room.

“Thunder in The Dark” races along as your Metal revs up its motor and this stallion of steel takes on the autobahn , its fast delirious tones reverberate , hooking you in.

Final song is the edited shorter version of “Heart of The Black” which together with “Thunder in The Dark “are bonus tracks ,and neither disappoint.

This Album is another superb release in 2016 from yet another German Band who show their True Metal edge, it’s a storming, Guitar fuelled, Head Banging rapture , truly splendiferous !!!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9.4/10          Facebook    Website



1. Rising Forces

2. Hypnotized

3. Hell Beyond Hell

4. Heart of The Black 

5. Stand Your Ground

6. Meat Train 

7. Buried In Blood 

8. Devil's Waitingroom 

9. Thunder In The Dark (Bonustrack) 

10. Heart Of The Black (Edit Version / Bonustrack)



Andreas Babuschkin – Lead Vocals

Martin Christian – Guitars

Backing VocalsJan Bertram – Guitars

Backing VocalsJan Bünning – Bass

Backing VocalsSören Teckenburg – Drums

Günny Kruse - Live Guitars                              


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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