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                                                                                                                Pretty Maids                                                                 

                                                                                                                Title: Kingmaker                    

                                                                                                                Label:Frontiers srl                                                                 

                                                                                                                Release Date: 4th November 2016

Danish Metal Icons Pretty Maids return with "Kingmaker"  three years after the commercially successful  "Motherland". 

The new  Album is  hugely vibrant,  full to of Melodic Metal  intensity  that's impressive and mind blowing , especially when you step back , realise and remember that this band have been on the scene since 1981! 

Band founders Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammers talents are   breath taking , Ronnie has an immense Vocal might , and Ken's guitar manship is out of this world . Add to the mix the mighty rhythm section of Rene Shades Bass ,with Allan Tschicaja on Drums .Pretty Maids are back  kicking and screaming with their latest meaty offering.


Opening with the telling and lyrically superlative "When God Took A Day Off"    an amazing song and without a doubt my favourite track on the album ,  one I keep returning to Atkins vocals  are melodic yet menacing  you can  fully relate to  the songs depth and meaning its a potent beginning   that promises much.

The title track "Kingmaker"  follows, its  anathematic Metal rapture will have you singing along straight away this is  catchy , a full blown Metal Delight.

Much Like the previous track "Face  The World" has a sing along chorus ,then comes another highly addictive number "Humanize Me"  captures your soul as the band deliver some delicious riff's and rhythms that will rock your world enveloped by the  stunning vocals of  Atkins, he would give any  vocalists  a run for their money ,his  impressive voice is a highlight  on the Ballad  "Last Beauty on Earth" added to that the guitar solo ,this will melt even the hardest of  hearts!`


"Bullseye" brings things back up to speed as the pressure cooker is turned up to the max this is a straight ahead sharp shooting rocker.

The excellent "King of The Right Here and Now" I just love the chugging feel this song has, then comes the guitar solo , wow , simply sublime. "Heavens Little Devil" follows , think driving down the highway with the sun roof down , blasting this tune out ,it has that summertime good time feel that just oozes class."Civilised Monsters" opens slowly then explodes into life , bang your head , punch the air and sing your lungs out , this is another track I keep returning to again and again. Actually the same can be said for all of the songs if am honest.


"Sickening" is hellishly powerful , with intelligently thought out  lyrics ,it continues to  have  you absorbed, this is intense  stuff and pertinent to the world we live in today ,added to that the Metal is glorious.  "Was That What you Wanted" brings the Album to a close its a bombastic face melting  finish to one helluva Album! 


Pretty Maids  should have been as big as their peers having had  support slots with many household names Like Black Sabbath, Saxon, Deep Purple to name but a few in the past and, with huge success in Japan in the nineties  the band have really only had relative success worldwide which is a shame lets hope "Kingmaker" sees the band get the full and deserved attention they rightly merit, Pretty Maids  are in a word AWESOME! And "Kingmaker"  is the Melodic Metal Album of the year hands down!!


Review :Seb Di Gatto   Score:10/10

Review Written: 15.10.2016



1.When God Took A Day Off

2. King Maker

3. Face The World

4. Humanize Me

5. Last Beauty On Earth

6. Bull's Eye

7.King Of The Right Here And Now

8.Heavens Little Devil

9. Civilized Monsters

10. Sickening

11. Was That What You Wanted


Band Line up: Ronnie Atkins - Vocals Ken Hammer - Guitars  Rene Shades - Bass  Allan Tschicaja - Drums

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