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                                                                                                                       Title:Faces of War

                                                                                                                       Label:Load For Records

“Faces of War” is an accomplished, intelligent release dealing with the subject of Warfare its effects and consequences.  

Opening with “Enemies Fate” the Band sets its stall out and delivers on all fronts as the guys take you into the conflict and blood shed of combat, it’s a strong opener and promises much as you delve deeper into this platter.

Next, we get the ferocious “Declaration” with killer Drumming from Kev Yates combined with the angst and biting Vocals of Steve Graham you just know this is going to be brutal live! This song comes complete with a spoken narrative from Nev “The Metal Head” Jones giving this song the final and complete feeling and readiness of going into battle as War is declared.


“P.O.W” takes you on the painful and humiliating process of becoming a prisoner of war, the torture and merciless beatings scold and burn into your conscience, as the Guitar riffs fly you punch the sky and salute these soldiers past and present who have been through this ordeal of struggle, pain and suffering. Talking of pain and suffering “Shellshock” is the following song its been so well researched and a song of extreme importance after a 100 years since the last year of The Great War its as relevant today as it was back then, with many of our heroes returning from war with post-traumatic stress disorder these days this song gives you goosebumps as you listen to the lyrics and feel the pain and suffering of these war torn warriors, be it  in  present times or by gone days.


“20.21.15” has a guest Vocal appearance from Barry Mills (Massive Wagons) and sees some exquisite face melting guitar man ship from both Daniel Lovett Horn and Rossi.

“Turncoat” spirals and hunts your senses with its mean riffs and deep thudding Bass this and the next tracks are my personal favorites on here its head crushingly immense! Much like the previous track this is brutal and intense as “Stolen Valor” decimates and curdles your brain cells.

” Final Solution” takes us back 70 years ago to the gas chambers and degradation of a race of people and those who did not fit into the Nazi ideal, another well researched and thought-provoking number that’s delivered with humility and respect, yet still bites ya balls off with its attitude and intensity.   

Penultimate track “Kill on Demand”  has the bonus of an appearance from the former Eden’s Curse / Inner Road legend Jay Parmar delivering a Guitar solo of exhilarating finesse.

Final track is the title “Faces of War” it’s a defiant end to a well thought out piece of art from Lancashire’s finest.


Having been  first told about these guys  at a festival in the North West of England many years ago we sought them out, and reviewed their debut Album, three Albums along this is the best and stongest so far, with out a doubt.

"Faces of War"  is a pure bred, monolithic monster of Purest Heavy Metal with a NWOBHM twist  from one of the best bands in the UK IN 2018.


Review: Seb Di Gatto           Score:9/10

Reviewed: 12/3/18


Track Listing:

1. Enemies Fate

2. Declaration

3. P.O.W

4. Shell Shock

5. 20,21,15

6. Turncoat

7. Stolen Valour

8. Final Solution

9. Kill On Demand

10. Faces Of War


Band Line Up:

Steve Graham(Lead Vocals)

Dan Lovett-Horn (Guitar)

Rossi (Guitar/Vocals)

 Henry Greenwood (Bass/Vocals)

Kev Yates (Drums)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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