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                                                                                           Purest of Pain


                                                                                          Label: Sick Records

                                                                                         Release Date:1st March 2018
Okay where to start on this fabulous groove inspired, ambient metal monster? Firstly, for the uninitiated Dutch Melodic Death Metal Quintet Purest of Pain are led by the super talented Merel Bechtold from Dutch Rockers Delain. This work of art has been Written mostly by Merel, (fellow guitarist Michael van Eck wrote the song ‘E.M.D.R.’) with all lyrics coming from J.D. Kaye.


So, at last Bechtold’s group unleash fourteen tracks of Metal majesty on the world at the beginning of March!

“Solipsis” has been on the back burner for a long time as herself and band mates have had hectic work schedules with their main bands, meaning the record was often delayed but at last it’s here and was it worth the wait? One answer...  YES!

Opening with “The Pragmatic” the shortest track on here with its ambient grooves it leads to the head crushingly magnificent “Truth Seeker” with its relentless brutality and guttural growls emanating from the pits off hades delivered by J.D Kaye this is an unrelenting piece as you  journey into the earth’s core with the pumping and technically superb “Vessels”.

Seriously if you love all things Metal you are going to love this Album it’s so diverse and no more so than on the addictive “Crown of Worms” the lyrics are fucking amazing and full of malicious intent this must be the highlight on this opus its dramatic, ecstatic and a full-on  Meltdown of delirious tones and face melting insanity.

The expected instrumental velocity contained on here is pure heaven as you continue to explore this Album with its different twists and turns, there is so much to explore and please you be it the intense “Momentum” or the ferocious “Tidebreaker” nothing disappoints, even the short musical interludes work giving you time to get your breath back before  the  onslaught of technical wizardry returns and delves deep into your soul.


“Terra Nil” clocks in at just under seven minutes its one I kept returning to as it weaves its magic as the riffs and bombastic delivery absorbs and intrigues you.

Jumping to the “The Solipist “which has recently been released this track gives you everything, its aggressive, dynamic and a mammoth metal infusion of powerful imaginative Metal, which just blows you away!


It may have taken several years to complete but this release is more than worth every second, if you're gonna do something this good then time isn’t an issue, the final product counts and this is a Metal masterpiece, that is without a doubt! “Solipsis” is a labour of love that drips with riffs and grooves of Metal ecstasy, this is possibly one of the Debut Albums of 2018 already!  


Review:Seb Di Gatto               Score:9.5/10                              



Tracklisting:                              Website

1.The Pragmatic

2.Truth Seeker


4.Crown of Worms


6.The Sleep of Reason


8.Trial & Error

9.Terra Nil



12.Phantom Limb

13.The Solipsist

14.The End


Band Line up

J.D. Kaye - Vocals
Merel Bechtold - Guitars
Michael van Eck - Guitars
Frank van Leeuwen - Bass
Joey de Boer - Drums





The Metal Gods Meltdown

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