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                                                                                                       Disciples Of The Sun
                                                                                     Label: Inner Wound Recordings Release   Date:May 22nd
Its been a long time coming ,seven years to be exact but Pyramaze return with probably  the Melodic, Progressive Metal Album of the year ,this is "Disciples of The Sun" its a fantastic return for the band , every track will rock  you. Having replaced Matt Barlow on vocals with a relatively unknown singer in Terse Harøy,  Pyramze  the group  still includes original members Jonah Weingarten on keyboards, Morten Gade Sørensen on drums and Toke Skjønnemand on guitars, the band have also recruited  long time-friend and producer Jacob Hansen on guitars /Backing vocals. The whole opus is addictive and highly thought provoking.
Opening with an ambient progressive orchestration "We Are The Ocean "  it builds   reaching its peak as drums explode, and the band plunge head full long into  "Battle of Paradis" its fast and furious with crunching riffs and keyboards that uplift and motivate.

Title track "Disciples of The Sun" has some powerful vocals , I love the way the song slows mid way then crashes in  knocking you to the floor in a tsunami of blistering guitars and keyboards wrapping themselves around you. Then possibly one of the best Melodic songs I have heard for a very very long time is the magnificent "Back For More" its a song that would have been in constant play on MTV back in the day ,its catchy and a must listen to  song  filling you up with melodious tones to sing along to, it's a track I have played repeatedly, its a get up and go number for the darkest of mornings in winter! 

"Genetic Process"  soars, flying high into the sky its an addictive tune as in fact is  the whole album. The band really have come up trumps with everything flowing ,there is no let up ,and certainly , there are no fillers on here, the momentum just doesn't stop as "Fearless" is so powerful and contains some heavy thrash inspired riffs.

"Fearless" is a great title for the bands new singer stepping into the Iced Earth singers shoes cannot have been an easy process and Terje

Harøy is "Fearless" and a true Metal Talent.


"Perfectly Imperfect is a tad slower opening with some deep stoner riffs then develops into  a vast array of high flying Melodic moments. Which leads into the progressive and damn fine "Hope Springs Eternal" its an epic piece.then the  heaviest track on here "Hope Springs Eternal" has some scorching riffs that sizzle, its a monster song as "seven seas are crossed" this will be fabulous live! "Exposure" takes on a moody tone , with deep and dark lyrics its a complex piece full of revelations.

Penultimate Song "When Black Turns White" speeds and races along , it a hectic number leading to final song "Photograph" were everything slows down, its just over two minutes of balladry that  fits well into a completely fantastic Album.. Check out Pyramaze , this is out of this world!


Review : Seb Di Gatto  Score :10/10                       Facebook    Website


Morten Gade Sørensen - Drums
Jonah Weingarten - Keyboards
Toke Skjønnemand - Guitars
Jacob Hansen - Guitars
Terje Harøy - Vocals


1. We Are The Ocean
2. The Battle Of Paridas
3. Disciples Of The Sun
4. Back For More
5. Genetic Process
6. Fearless
7. Perfectly Imperfect
8. Unveil
9. Hope Springs Eternal
10. Exposure
11. When Black Turns To White
12. Photograph

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