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                                                                                         Rated X
                                                                               Rated X           Frontier Records

Rated X feature the sublime vocals of rocking legend Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), drummer Carmine Appice (VANILLA FUDGE, CACTUS, MOTHER'S ARMY), bassist Tony Franklin (THE FIRM, BLUE MURDER) and guitarist Karl Cochran (JOE LYNN TURNER, NUCLEAR ASSAULT) With a  line up  of so many legends you know you are in for a hard rocking treat. 


There are 12 tracks to rock and move  your soul. Personally growing up and listening to Joe Lynn Turners vocals its always been a pleasure to hear any new work,  these   accomplished musicians have delivered a pure gem.   Carmine Appice had this to say about the new album: " I believe we came up with the sound from the late '70s-'80s. To me, it sounds like BLUE MURDER with Joe Lynn Turner singing.

Having Tony and myself as the rhythm section and with the heavy guitars, it gives the record a BLUE MURDER vibe. Then, adding Alessandro on keys gave us a bit of the DEEP PURPLE thing. It all works together and I loved playing each song.”


So my feelings on this album, its very Retro,  and brings the memories flooding back,  of  the days of going to the record store,  and listening to Tommy Vance on the radio for the Friday Night Rock show.

There are so many cool tracks on this opus , everyone's a winner. 

The album opens with the excellent "Get Back My Crown" A  salvo of drums and the good time feel of a proper Old School Hard Rock Song emanates from this wonderful opening track,  and indeed the whole  Album that is heavily influenced in a  Deep Purple / Rainbow mode, well what do you expect!  it delivers on all fronts.


Next we get Turner telling the world "This is Who I Am" its a   statement delivered with meaning by the golden voiced Turner . "Fire And Ice"melts into your consciousness ,  keyboards open the song as the mood is taken down a notch first then develops into a tune that will stay with you all day. 


"L hasa" is an epic,  running at nearly  eight minutes,  with its  dreamy and mystical  opening it then builds into a masterpiece of huge proportions , to be savoured and adored.


"Devil in Disguise" is a meaty number to make you  punch the air, and sing the chorus out loud! The aptly titled "Your Are The Music" does what its says on the Hard Rocking tin , and in fact Rated X are the Music! Its a lovely tune,a  very uplifting , fulfilling number, this will make you feel good inside with the added bonus of   backing choral singers,  its spiritual and quite frankly sensational with a guitar solo to give you huge goose bumps .


"Peace of Mind" races on to the track on a   mean machine, the band deliver  a high octane rocking number to rock the masses. "Maybe Tonight" is a nice song and kind of sees the band go down the obligatory ballad road.


"On The Way To Paradise" will see you flying high like a kite, the frets are worked and paradise beckons with Rated X! "Our Love is Not Over" Like "Maybe Tonight" the band deliver a great  ballad , it really rocks your heart. "Stranger In Us All" is another fantastic song , it is the last song and am really  sad.. So lets start again !!


I hope Rated X release more albums this is ,it is  out of this world! This is an Album you must buy ! Its classic Hard Rock with some amazing musicians  that will leave you wanting more! I sure hope they do a worldwide tour I will be at the front of the queue!                          Score :10/10



Seb Di Gatto                      


1.Get Back My Crown
2.This is Who I Am
3.Fire And Ice
4.I Don't Cry No More
5.L hasa
6.Devil In Disguise
7.You Are The Music
8.Peace ofMind
9.Maybe Tonight
10.On The Way To Paradise
11.Our Love is Not Over
12.Stranger In Us All

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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