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                                                                                    Red Tide Rising 
                                                                    The Rising   Death Box Recordings    


Red Tide Rising hail from Denver USA and have been knocking about the scene since 2007.  This is the first time I had come across this band and it has taken me a while to really appreciate their art.  The album opens to dramatic effect with 'Rising Tides', and draws you into speculation as to exactly what Red Tide Rising are all about!  Okay let’s get something straight from the start; I would say this verges more on the Indie side of rock. 


I wouldn’t call this album Metal? In fact it reminds me a lot of a rocking Depeche Mode.  But as you will see, the comparisons are evident on the lighter moments of 'The Rising'. 


Opening with '2.13' I'm struck by the tones of the lead singer Matt Whiteman, a slow number with clean vocals and some light growls open up a promising album.  As for the Depeche Mode comment check 'The Other Side', this is a snap shot that drags me back to the poppy Eighties and could have been on Top of the Pops.  Seriously! 

'Shadows' is similar to the previous song, and could be from the aforementioned band.  Well now! 'We are Hunted' is more like it and much to my taste, with some mean riffs and drums truly battered and bruised.


  'Scars' continues in the heavier vein, a song about life on the road and kicking up some rocking nights of delirium delivered on a plate, the 'Scars' from exhausted journeys, taking to the stage with hearts racing and back to the grind of long distance travel to the next venue.  


Other tracks of note are the excellent 'Misery', it’s possibly the best track on here and one I would recommend to someone new to the band.  It’s an impressive track, actually don’t get me wrong the whole album is impressive, it's that just for me there are comparisons to be made, I mean I like the album / band, I even featured them on The Metal Meltdown number 39!  So can’t be that bad eh … 'The Choice' does see the pedal to the metal a bit, and then disappoints as the chorus comes into effect … seriously guys get out of these Depeche Mode backing vocals!! And you may be on to a winner.


Final track is 'The Rising' and like 'The Hunted', is for me one of the strongest tracks on this opus.  Fans go wild for these guys at a live show so I am led to understand and I feel it’s always difficult to judge a band you aren’t aware of without seeing them in action at times.  Without a doubt this band have the potential to go far and  I have enjoyed the album a lot and have played it loads.  Give it a listen and see what you think. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1.  Rising Tides
2. 2.13
3. The Otherside
4. Shadows
5. We Are Hunted
6. Breakaway
7. Scars
8. Cold
9. Misery
10. The Choice
11. Vicious Circle
12. This Is War
13. The Rising  

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