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                                                                                                             Gods of War
                                                                                                             Label:Marquee/ Avalon Records
                                                                                                             Razar Ice Records
                                                                                                             Release Date:21st October
US Power Metal maestros Reverence return with their second Album “Gods of War”  yes the band are back , and ready to cause instant Metal destruction to your very being. Reverence are fronted by the hugely talented and awesome vocalist Todd Hall (Jack Starrs Burning Star) Riot V) Guitar demons Bryan Holland (Tokyo Blade, Arrest) , Pete Rossi (Overland, Sanxtion), Michael Massie on Bass Guitar (Overloaded Inner Recipe) and Steve “Doc Kildrums” Wacholz (Savatage, Crimson Glory on drums they have had to deliver something extraordinarily special to top  their debut offering  “When Darkness Calls” and boy they have done it with the captivating “Gods of War”.


Opening with an air raid siren and the sound of bullets flying the band begin slowly  building to a Metal crescendo of head banging delight which will see you punching the air and saluting these awesome Power Metallers,it’s a real catchy opener, with a chorus to have the masses singing , delighting in the superb head splitting riffs delivered by Bryan Holland , and Pete Rossi it’s a Power Metallers dream as the frantic and frenzied guitar manship never lets up through out “Gods of War” the solos are spell blinding.


The superb “Heart of Gold” seizes your soul and grips hard the drums are beaten with in an inch of their life by Steve Wacholz. “Until My Dying Breath” sees the band on a mission, urging you to show those horns and sing along with these Power Metal aficionados.

“Angel in Black” is one of many highlights for me with it's demonic delivery, and doom laden riffs , Michael Massies Bass booms and Todd Halls vocals wash over you , taking you on one hell of a ride!
The album just goes from strength to strength with “Tear Down The Mountain” and the superb , thought provoking “Blood of Heroes”, the riffs and licks continue to transfix you, as a sound bite from  Winston Churchill leads you further into the fields of conflict.

This track should be up on You Tube with the lyrics displayed ,it’s a poignant, hard hitting piece.


“Battle Cry” sees Todd Hall stretching his vocal chords as the shredding guitars and pounding Drums annihilate your brain cells , this is pure magnificence and a Metal Meltdown of gigantic proportions.

“Choices Made” sees the pace slow down a tad as the band chorus and sing as one, which then sees the solos and drums erupt as the track reaches halfway.

“Splinter” is a remarkable number it’s a ballad that’s contagious and another song that is thought provoking, the guitar solo makes your hairs stand on end, simply put it’s a work of art.


Penultimate track “Cleansed By Fire” opens gently and then becomes a Metal Smasher!!! Final track “Race To Obscene” sees the album finish with all guns blazing it’s high octane finish  which will leave you open mouthed , hitting the re play button again and again for all of the tracks! A special word needs to be mentioned about the amazing Album Artwork like the Album it really grabs your attention!    

“Gods of War” should win over fans not just of Power Metal, this band should appeal to all fans of Metal / Hard Rock the futures bright… NO! its Hellishly BLAZING!  GET A HOLD OF THIS ALBUM! Bang your Head, stretch every sinew in your body and sing your self hoarse to “The Gods of War”

***Gods Of War will be let loose to cause havoc on Asia/Japan on October 21st through Marquee/Avalon Records and will be Released through Razar Ice

Records on November 4th

Review : Seb Di Gatto   Score: 10/10
1.Gods Of War
2.Heart Of Gold
3.Until My Dying Breath
4.Angel In Black
5.Tear Down The Mountain
6.Blood Of Heroes
7.Battle Cry
8.Choices Made
10.Cleansed By Fire
11.Race To Obscene


Vocals:Todd Hall
Guitar: Bryan Holland
Guitar: Pete Rossi
Bass: Michael Massie
Drums: Steve “Doc Kildrums” Wacholz



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