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                                                                                                 SCHULTZ Interview  29/06/20                                 

MM: Can you tell us about your Band and whos your biggest influences
Franz: SCHULTZ is a solo project born in 2002.It became a duo with the female performer VDREY during several years and a real band since 2018 with the arrival of Guitarfox (Guitar and vocals) and Sandy Dynamite (Live dance performance and vocals).

About influences, I think lot of things from French music to industrial music. When I was young my parents listened lot of music at home and in the car. So I have always listened to lot of music. Now I have my own taste but I think all this kind of music have an influence on the music I make today. Even if my parents don't listen to metal or industrial music ;-)

Guitarfox : Franz asked me and Sandy to join him as a backing band for one gig at the Industrial Music Fest in Cannes (French Riviera) in 2017. It was meant to be a one shot, but it went well… So we both are still in the project today…

For influences, I can say my parents used to listen things of their age : Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple… So as a teenager, I rebelled with more heavy stuffs : Punk rock, heavy, thrash, black and death metal… Classic story ! Now as an adult I am more open-minded, I can listen to Jazz, classic, electronic, in fact, everything that opens the doors of cosmic mysteries in me, whatever the style…     


MM: Where do you draw your inspirations and ideas from
Franz : Everything...
Guitarfox : Life and Death… And Sexuality of course ! You will find some satanic themes in this new album, not because we believe in Satan – We don’t ! – but as symbols of effective anarchy, not as utopia. You have to live regretless and repentless if you want to survive in this sick sad world. You have to get rid of that sick thing Nietzsche called the Moraline : all these things society builds around you to keep looking at you and your acts to judge you and make you live in permanent guilt… For me this is what music is for, and this is why I make music.


MM: What would you say is your Bands favourite song ?
Franz : I thinks « Shot Of Pain »,the first song we really wrote together from A to Z.
Guitarfox : I would say « Rats In The Sewers » because this is the first single from the new album Black Magic Party, that we’re here to talk about ! LOL

MM: Plans tour and festival wise for 2020
Franz : We work on it but we need to get rid of this f***ing coronavirus first, and after so we could play live again !
Guitarfox : We'll see later, but we keep on faithing !


MM: What can we expect from SCHULTZ live
Franz :A great show full of energy with 3 musicians on stage  who gives  you the best  part of them. You will move your f***ing ass from the first second to the last !

Guitarfox : A clever mix of loud music and physical performance


MM: What do you like best and worst abt touring
Franz : I love to be on stage, playing, having a great audience and meeting new people. I don’t hate anything special.
Guitarfox : I love to kick ass on stage, and what I hate is a bad soundcheck. If i hear only my guitar and don't hear the beat in the back speakers, it is dead for me.


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies
Franz : No idea…We are not easy to live on tour ;-) 
Guitarfox : Maybe any of the industrial metal legends that preceded us : Ministry, Rammstein, or KMFDM… Would be great !


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why 
Franz : Slipknot last year in a roman arena… It was  fucking  powerful !!!
Guitarfox : Alice Cooper in Monaco. And for free ! Let me explain : The concerts are very expensive there, but me and my friends we absolutely wanted to go to that one. Obviously, we were broke, so the mother of a friend who knew the director of the hall gave us the trick : as it was a dinner-concert, at 10 p.m., people would get up to go pissing before the start on the concert, so we had to arrive well dressed up and mix with the people, and once in the hall, go straight to the back. Except that on arrival, we saw a huge queue with people waiting with their tickets, with a tough guard at the entrance. it seemed fucked up at this time, but suddenly, a TV cameraman arrived with his big camera, I said to myself "this is now or never !"… So we followed him closely as if we were his team , and once in the room, we had succeeded! It was one of the best concerts of my life!


MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with SCHULTZ
Franz : To make on records and stage exactly what I have in mind since so long time…but you need to have great partners for it and they are !
Guitarfox : The recording of Shot Of Pain, our first album together as a band. It was long and hard, but we did it !


MM: Which are your Two favourite Albums of all time
Franz :I can’t choose , I love too much different musics
Guitarfox : My two favorites albums in what style? Usually I don’t answer to this question, because some people may think we are sh*t just because we like bands they don’t, without giving any listen to make their own opinion. That’s the way it goes generally with the true music fans. But me as an open minded person, I’m not into this or that. As a teenage metalhead who grew up, I can listen to, and eventually being influenced by any type of style, from classic to black metal, whatever…  So you see, this is a tough question.


MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how it felt to have people watching you? 
Franz : First time alone ? No, sorry  I was too drunk… With this line up ? Oh yes, it was at the Industrial Music Fest in Cannes and I was so happy than I have forgot to watch if people loved it or not…
Guitarfox : Honnestly, I was not very comfortable yet at this concert, because itw as the first time, and we did not rehearse enough. But we got good feedback from the audience, that’s why continued together.


MM: Growing up which Bands posters did you have on your bedroom wall.
Franz :David Bowie, Immortal, Slayer and lot of more I can't remind.
Guitarfox : Motörhead, AC/DC, The Doors, Nirvana, Slayer, Metallica… Nothing special ! LOL


MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal / Rock more than any other person
Franz : Lemmy ! Because Lemmy is god !
Guitarfox : I agree. Lemmy we miss you !


MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now?
Franz : Promoting our last album « Black Magic Party » released in May and available everywhere on digital and working on next gigs.

Guitarfox : Yes, convincing you to listen to our new album, and to have it in your playlist ! 


MM:If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and why?
Franz : No idea sorry…I love too much songs.
Guitarfox : A song that has nothing to do with industrial metal, in an industrial metal way ! Would be fun !


MM: Tell us why we should buy and listen to your Band
Guitarfox : Because we worth it !
Franz : If you want to listen a band with three little frenchies who make great music and give you a big slap in your face…You have found the good band, just listen SCHULTZ !


MM: Four words to describe SCHULTZ
Franz : Power, energy, fucking good music,…F**k, it's more than 4 

Final Words for your fans and our readers


Franz : Thanks for this opportunity to present you our music. Support the underground bands, support SCHULTZ ! Times are hard for everybody, so we need you more than ever ! Shot Of Pain and our new album Black Magic Party are now available everywhere on all digital stores. But the best way to follow us, is to visit our page and our facebook page !

Guitarfox : Thank you all, and give a listen to our new album Black Magic Party, it worth it ! Cheers !


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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