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                                                                    Sebastian Bach 
                                                               Abachalypse Now   Frontiers Records

This is Sebastian Bach’s first live album and it is kick-ass, the album features a lot of his former band Skid Row material and will appeal to fans of earlier Skid Row, as well as his solo stuff. 

The energy and vibe throughout this package is special and it is definitely a must have.  


'Slave to the Grind' kicks off the proceedings from his recent set at Hellfest in France, and you really could be there.  Sebastian Bach, forever the showman and even at the age of forty three, he can still hit the high notes like he did in his heyday.  'Kicking and Screaming' taken from his last album with the same title has the crowd literally doing just that. Then we are transported back in time to the iconic Skid Row debut as he asks the crowd in French how they are, and they then hit the crowd with 'Here I Am', Bach works his magic and has Hellfest singing and screaming to 'Big Guns' and the superb 'Piece of Me'.


The years are rolled back and if you are lucky enough to have seen this Canadian Metal God live, you know the sweat, blood and metal that is delivered it’s fiery, with a hundred per cent dynamism.  Then we get probably the best known Skid Row tune ever '18 and Life', it still sends shivers up my spine all these years later.  A beautiful totemic song to warm the metal cockles in your metal heart and have your lighters out, singing along.


Away from Skid Row and the 'Angel Down' album we get 'American Metal Head', which batters, bruises and delivers this to the French public with bearing and head-banging menace.  Epic stuff.  Next we go to Skid Rows second album 'Slave to the Grind' and 'Monkey Business' rattles cages and has the crowd in a continued frenzy of singing, screaming and head-banging. 


'I Remember You' like '18 & Life' is adored by the crowd and sung word for word.  Then we get to set closer 'Youth Gone Wild', this is personally one of my favourite tracks ever, and having had the privilege of seeing the great man and his band perform this song a fair few times, I know how special an occasion it is when this song is played.  He points to his tattoo and then the crowd goes wild! It’s a special tune that rocks and will always roll. 


The second CD has a similar set list to the Hellfest appearance it enters and batters anyone who gets in its way.  Then you get to the DVD filmed at Graspop, and again it doesn’t disappoint as you are inspired by the epic Metal energy that the whole band and crowd put into the set.  Truly excellent!  Okay , so  the album is like a greatest hits, with some newer stuff thrown in from Seb Bach’s solo work, but if like myself you think the man is totally amazing and a true Metal God with a no nonsense in your face Metal attitude, you are going to truly love this monster of Bach defiance!.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto

Live At Hellfest Tracklisting:

1. Slave To The Grind
2. Kicking And Screaming
3. Here I Am
4. Big Guns
5. Piece Of Me
6. 18 & Life
7. American Metalhead
8. Monkey Business
9. I Remember You
10. Youth Gone Wild 


Live At Nokia Tracklisting:

1. Big Guns
2. (Love Is) A Bitchslap
3. Piece Of Me
4. 18 & Life
5. American Metalhead
6. Monkey Business
7. I Remember You
8. TunnelVision
9. Youth Gone Wild 


Live At GraspopTracklisting:

1. Kicking & Screaming
2. Dirty Power
3. Here I Am
4. Big Guns
5. 18 & Life
6. American Metalhead
7. Monkey Business
8. I Remember You
9. TunnelVision          

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