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                                                                                            Sebia interview 30/09/2023

MM: First up can you give us a brief history about your band and the name
Hello, Thank you for having us. Sebia was originally founded around April of 2020
during the covid-19 pandemic. The band (before being renamed to Sebia), already had some
tracks and a dream of making an album, when everything would be back to normal again. Today
the band consists of five members: Nikos Gavalas (Bass, Vocals), Konstantinos Kyritsis (Lead
Guitarist), Pavlos Kounalakis (Drums) and Marios Theodorou (Rhythm Guitarist).
Now, regarding the band’s name, we all are familiar with the Dungeon and Dragons, right? Sebia
as an idea came from such a campaign in the well-known D&D games.  This character serves as a
representation of the band reflecting its underlying philosophy. It represents this strange inner
voice echoing in our head from time to time, which we refuse to listen to. It is our own self. The
aid we need in our lives, that gives us strength to go on. Sebia, as a crow, is the main symbol of
our band and makes us feel free to compose and play our music without thinking of musical

MM: How pleased are you with the responses to your album so far from the
To be honest, weve been absolutely thrilled with the response from the specialized press to our
debut album. Its been an incredible journey to see our music reviewed and discussed by
experts in the industry. The positive feedback and the recognition of the hard work and
dedication we put into creating the album have been truly humbling

MM: All the tracks on the album will be your babies but which is your
favourite today and why
We love each song the same and it would be impossible to decide on our favorite. However,
theres one song in “Acceptance of Reality” that holds particular significance to us, both in
terms of the writing and recording process. That song is “Witch Hunt”
When we were writing this track, we found ourselves in a unique creative space. The lyrics and
melody seemed to flow effortlessly, and we knew we had something special on our hands. It
captured a moment self-discovery that resonated deeply with us.


MM: The album artwork is awesome will you be having it framed a thome
We are glad you liked it as much as we do! All of us have it framed and on a wall already haha
Also on banner, T-shirts and more!
Hmm... we should make cup with the artwork as well

MM: Tell us your plans for the year are u booked for festivals and tours

Our band is really passionate about creating unique and meaningful music. We aspire to make a
lasting impact on the music scene and connect with audiences on a deep emotional level.
This year, we envision ourselves taking part in major festivals, collaborating with musicians, and
inspiring a new generation of artists.

MM: What was the first gig/ concert u ever went to
As individuals we have gone to many concerts. Specifically, we all love going to the Release
Festivals in Greece. This is a series of live performances, a huge event that repeats every
However, we will now focus on the ones we went together as a band!
We went to Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Ghost, Jinjer and more!

MM: And The last one
The most recent one was Bullet for my Valentine with Disturbed.

MM: If there was heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called
If we were the subject of a heavy metal song, we'd probably call it Eternal Firestorm. It
would be a high-energy track filled with blazing guitar solos and thunderous drums, reflecting
our passion for life and the relentless pursuit of our goals. Just like a firestorm burns fiercely
and never gives up, the song would capture that same spirit of determination and intensity that
we bring to everything we do!

MM: Is there particular a song written by someone else you wish u had
Yes, there a song we really admire, and sometimes wish we had written. “The Show must
go on” by Queen. The lyrics are so beautifully crafted, and the melody is incredibly catchy. 
a song that has had a profound impact on us, and we can only imagine the satisfaction of
creating something so timeless and emotionally resonant.

MM: Tell me why we should check out your album
Weve poured our hearts and souls into our debut álbum and we cant wait for you to dive into
our music, explore the stories weve woven into every track, and join us on this musical
adventure. Its an album were incredibly proud of, and we hope youll enjoy it as much as we
enjoyed creating it. So, stay tuned and get ready for an unforgettable musical experience ��



MM: Four words to describe Sebia

Alright, here goes:
1. Dynamic
2. Melodic
3. Authentic
4. Passionate

Fast five
1. festival or small intimate gig – We need a dose from both! Let’s say 50-50
2. Mousakka or beer – Mousakka, yummy
3.Vinyl or digital – Oh my god it’s getting more difficult in each question. Digital!
4. Thrash metal or Traditional Metal – Traditional Metal
5. saint or sinners - �

Any final words for your fans our viewers and readers
This was a great interview, we enjoyed answering all of your questions! Sebia is here to stay, to
inspire, to be inspired and create wonderful music. This is just the beginning!




Sebia - Ship Lost Through The Mist (Official Lyric Video) 


Sebia - Voices (Official Video)

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