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                                                                                                                     Serious Black

                                                                                                              Mirror World

                                                                                                              Label:AFM Records   

                                                                                                              Release Date: 9th September 2016

It’s been a year since Serious Black released “As Daylight Breaks” and this supergroup return with a couple of changes to the line-up with founding member of Serious Black Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex Helloween) retiring from the band and being replaced by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Constantine). Also Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire) takes over from Thomem Stauch (Savage Circus). Still in situ are the amazing Vocal talents of Urban Breed (Trail of Murder, ex Tad Morose) Dominik Sebastian (Edenbridge) on Guitar, Jan Vacik Keyboards and founding member Mario Lochert (Emergency Gate) Bass.

So with such a stellar assortment of musicians you expect one hell of an Album and Serious Black do not disappoint with “Mirror World”   Opening with a big  atmospheric intro, there is a massive build up , your expectations rise as the symphonics wrap themselves around you ,then it's horns in the air and fist punching  fury as “Long as I’m Alive” emerges from your speakers , of course this has already been released as a single so many will be familiar with this track it's powerful ,and a great opener to one of the best Melodic Albums of 2016.


“Castor Skies” slows things  down a bit but sees the band enthral you with their finesse as Sebastian and Katsionis deliver some top notch riffs.

Never been keen on ballads myself , ( well  there are a few exceptions to the rule ) and sorry “Heartbroken Soul” just doesn’t do it for me, it’s a sickly made for AOR Radio song that will appeal to the fans of not so Heavy ass kicking Metal, although the solo does damn well impress as the song comes near its end, but it’s one personally I would skip.

“Dying Hearts”  is a  bit heavier than the last song and grows on you and is one I wouldnt skip!

The killer rhythm section, spiralling keyboards of Jan Vacik , and the two guitarists combine with the vocals of Urban Breed  to fill your soul with a pure meltdown of delicious musicianship.


Standout track is without a doubt the title track “Mirror World “it's riff tastic  simply smashing (Pun Intended) this really makes the Album  shining like a Powerful Metal beacon lighting up your world ,it will have you saluting these Metal Gods!

 “State of my Despair” is  Melodic ,Rocking , and of immense proportions ,with a sing along chorus to match. Final song “The Unborn Never Die” finishes this offering off ,  this is a real favourite it’s a heavier piece with it's thumping delivery , ending an Album that disappoints a little bit and isn’t quite up to scratch compared with the debut , but still worth your money just for the fact that this band contains some of the best musicans in the industry and Urban Breeds vocals always amaze!


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score : 9/10

Review Written :3.9.16


1.Breaking The Surface

2.Long as im Alive

3.Castor Skies

4.Heartbroken Soul

5.Dying Hearts

6.Youre Not Alone


8.State of my despair

9.The unborn never die


Members: Urban breed (vocals

Bob Katsionis (guitars)

Dominik Sebastian (guitars)

Mario Lochert (bass)

Jan Vacik (keyboards & orchestra)

Alex Holzwarth (drums & percussion


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