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                                                                                                               Title: Mad World

                                                                                                               Label: AFM Records

                                                                                                               Release Date:28th February 2020

For twenty five years Shakra have been Rocking the World and with this being there anniversary year these Swiss Rockers return with “Mad World” a great title for what indeed is a mad, insane and crazy world. I have been listening a lot to this Album since it arrived in my Inbox and have found it catchyand insanely addictive, what more could a Rock fan  ask for.

The Album opens in an emphatic style as “Fireline “goes for the jugular and delivers on all fronts as Mark Fox on Vocals rocks the room and his cohorts Thom Blunier and Thomas Muster  make their Guitars sing as the thumping Rhythm section of Roger Tanner (Drums) and Dominik Pfister on Bass pound and shake the walls, this is a killer opener to a superb release and possibly Shakras strongest work to date.


The good time Rocking continues as “Too Much is not Enough” thunders outta ya speakers, a heads down, party bopping, fist pumping number that continues to impress as the guys take no prisoners with their insightful lyrics and hard rocking momentum seriously kicking ass! The superb rocking continues as “A Roll of The Dice” rocks up, its a blistering tune that ignites your senses and has you bouncing around the room from the first note.

Three tracks in am exhausted this is defiantly Shakra at their best as title track “Mad World” is a very telling anthem about the world we live in and rocks your socks off! “When he Comes Around” builds up slowly and then boy oh boy the riffs and full gear change is stellar and one I keep returning to as the guys bring you some Heavy Hard Rocking ecstasy that just continues as “Thousand Kings” blows out ya speakers. “I Still Rock” is a statement of intent as indeed Shakra do still Rock and let’s hope they carry on for another twenty-five years!!


“Fake News” is another statement about the state of the world in the twenty first century with its message clear and right. “When it all falls down” is  a real foot stomping, hip swaying tune that shakes the walls as you sing in unison and belt out the chorus. Ok guys whats going on with “Turn The Light on “, the intro sounds suspiciously like something else, but we wont hold it against you as this number carries on rocking your soul and has you lighting up the room with its infectious grooves. Penultimate track “Sun of Fire” bleeds Metal and destroys your brain cells with its ferocious no holds barred momentum. This excellent platter ends with “New Tomorrow” a melodic gem of a track that’s not quite a ballad an exceptional end to a truly marvellous release.


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.5/10

Reviewed: 14/02/20

01 - Fireline
02 - Too Much Is Not Enough
03 - A Roll Of The Dice
04 - Mad World
05 - When He Comes Around
06 - Thousand Kings
07 - I Still Rock
08 - Fake News
09 - When It All Falls Down
10 - Turn The Light On
11 - Son Of Fire
12 - New Tomorrow               Facebook

Shakra are:

Mark Fox (Vocals)

Thom Blunier (Guitar)

Thomas Muster (Guitar)

Dominik Pfister (Bass)

Roger Tanner (Drums)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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