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                                                                                                                   Master Creator

                                                                                                                   Label:AFM Records    

                                                                                                                   Release Date:26th Feb


“Master Creator” sees the Germanic Speed Power Metal maestros Sinbreed return with a class, no nonsense, shredding, intense release that will enthuse, enchant and captivate the Metal forces. Opening with “Creation of Reality” a powerful energetic entrance that immediately draws you in , Herbie Langham’s unmistakable voice combines with scorching riffs from Flo Lauren, the Thundering Bass of Alex Scholz and hell to leather, rampaging drumming courtesy of Frederick Ekhme, he marks your card and tells you Sinbreed are back and aint gonna disappoint you with Album number three!

“Across the Great Divides”  decimates with its fast melodious rhythms reverberating and soaring high to the heavens. “Behind A Mask” is a bit more restrained compared to the opening tracks, but still melts your face off. “Moonlit Night” starts slowly , prowling  and stalking you like prey then this creature explodes into life and shreds into the night. 


These Teutonic veterans continue to please with the title track “Master Creator” it is a rapid Metal onslaught, as fast and as sharp as a blade, slicing  into you with ruthless abandon.

There’s no let up as “Last Survivor” captivates with its scrumptious heavy riffs and bombastic harmonies, that will shake and astound you.

Talking about being astounded “At The Gate” sees Herbie tickle the old ivories , then it  builds into something heroic and absorbing, if like me you were recently surprised and totally blown away by Mr.Langhams vocals on the new Avantasia Album then wait till  you hear this un!!


   “The Riddle” is my favourite track as it penetrates your consciousness like a battering ram , its frenetically pleasing, with its quick fire riffs that speed along like a runaway express train , this is  a True Metal heads delight!

 “The Voice” is catchy as hell and like the other tracks it has a sing along chorus it's going to work really  well live, I especially love the lyrics to this song, it’s a fighters tune , a call to battle for a cause to be proud of. Folkish elements abound on the final song “On The Run” it’s  triumphant, a song to rock the crowds ,when the band play this live it’s going to sends shivers up and down your spine ,as the bag pipes combined with the quick fire drumming enchant and bewitch you!


To sum up yet another strong Album release in 2016 “Master Creator “surpasses the previous Sinbreed albums it will enrapture and capture pure Power Metal heads hearts and minds without a doubt!  


Review : Seb Di Gatto  Score: 9/10                  Facebook     Website


Track Listing:

01. Creation of Reality

02. Across the Great Divides

03. Behind a Mask

04. Moonlit Night

05. Master Creator

06. Last Survivor

07. At the Gate

08. The Riddle

09. The Voice

10. On the Run





Herbie Langhans – Vocals

Flo Laurin – Guitars

Alex Schulz – Bass

Frederik Ehmke – Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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