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                                                                            Paint The World   Bakerteam Records 


Hailing from Italy we have Symphonic Metal band Sinheresy, they combine both male and female vocals to great effect and 'Paint The World' ticks all the boxes, promising a bright symphonic future.

The album opens in a bombastic manner with 'Last Fall' Stefano Sian's vocals take the lead and once Cecilia Petrini's vocals combine with Stefano's and you are taken on a journey through captivating melodic metal.  


The band have been in and around the scene since 2010 and this is their debut release, you cannot fault anything on this album, for instance second track 'The Gambler' is a winner from the off and title track 'Paint The World' wins hands down for me as the strongest song on here.  It has everything, superb vocals, guitar riffs, a sing-along chorus and majestic musicianship all round. 


The band has something about them, especially when they can produce such ballads as 'Roses & Thorns', it’s gentle and has some truly eloquent piano playing.  Then there are the heavier tracks like 'Made for Sin' and the atmospheric 'Breakpoint', which at times verges on a dance, trance industrial feeling, mixed with some molten metal. 


Like the aforementioned 'Roses & Thorns', the band show their expertise and ability to play beautiful ballads intertwined with heavier music.  'Our Angel' with its acoustic guitars and vocal interchange is simply stunning and as the track comes to its end, the electric guitars and drums come into effect.  It is quite awe-inspiring.  


The penultimate track 'Eluas Gift', you are transported on a magic carpet ride as Arabian melodies emanate from your speakers, like the title track it’s a firm favorite for me.  Personally I am not a huge fan of female vocalists but are slowly getting more into their art and these Italians have produced an album that’s going to be adored by fans of such bands as Nightwish, Epica and all things symphonic and metal.  I will be playing this regularly.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 


1.  Last Fall 
2. The Gambler
3. Paint The World
4. Roses & Thorns
5. Made For Sin
6. Breakpoint
7. Lost In The Shadows
8. Our Angel
9. Elua's Gift
10. Lying Dreams  

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