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                                                                       No Gods No Masters Volume 1  Independent Release    


Ireland seems to have a penchant for delivering amazing Metal/ Rock bands and one such band is the excellent Sinocence. 

If you are lucky enough to own the bands previous album 'Scar Obscura', then you kind of have an idea where this band are coming from, but you know what?


This E.P. is amazing and will  leave you wanting more!  All the songs run over five minutes and what a start, as 'Coda On Self Slaughter' thrashes and crashes into the room, its damn heavy, savage, slapping you in the face with an iron clad gauntlet of metal delirium.  Soaring vocals from Moro are the order of the day, as the guitar strings are bloodied and the chords cut you like a jack knife courtesy of lead guitarist Anto and deep heavy bass lines are tightly delivered by Jim. 


The skin of your teeth are bloodied by the exquisite and hell hammer drumming delivered by Davy. So its a hell of a start and it just gets better and better! 

'Long Way Down' like the opener is heavy brash and rips the skin off your skull with its hell on high heels ferocity.  It's heavy, yet melodic and the band deliver a "Metal Anthem" with 'Long Way Down'. 


Then ... well I don't quite know how to describe 'Occam Razor', it's eight, yes eight minutes of heavy metal heaven and is a track I have raved about. 

I just can't get enough of it.  I Have played it so many times, I think I have worn the track out!!  This song is the most stunning thing the band have ever done in my opinion, it's melodic with hurting lyrics, and is simply Metal scorching in your face.  It is addictive and challenging, taking you on a intense journey of Melodic Metal Meltdown! Make sure you grab your self a couple of chilled beers and let this song float into your being.


'West of Eden' pummels away, deep and heavy grooves wake the recently deceased as vocalist Moro delivers some vicious lyrics. Then to the final track 'Cruelty In Silence', a rebellious song, the second longest tune, running at seven and half minutes, it's deep, disturbing, morose and it really works.


So to sum up the latest release, the 'No Gods No Masters' E.P. will leave you salivating for more from these Irish rockers, it's five tracks full of burning, insidious, anguished molten metal that delivers and does not disappoint in the slightest!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10



1. A Coda On Self Slaughter
2. Long Way Down
3. Occam's Razor
4. West Of Eden
5. Cruelty In Silence 

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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