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                                                                                Skinpeeler and GSTNK interview with Gerti Van de Blumenweide                                                                  

MM: First up can you give us a brief history about yourself and your bands and influences

Hi, my name is Jay and I am 54 years old. I am a musician from Germany. my influences are punk and metal music of the eighties. especially black and death metal. my first band was Berzano, which I founded in 1998. very noisy black metal. then followed On Horns Impaled, old school black metal. After that I played in Discovered (Discharge Cover Band) and Kadaverficker the Bass. From 2017 we founded GSTNK and in 2021 I founded Skinpeeler. There are still a few projects, but they only release songs every now and then.

For example Buster X Keaton, Disvirus, Sore Humanity...


MM: Will u be releasing a full-blown album think

yes, gstnk and Skinpeeler have released great albums in the last six months


MM: Tell us your plans for the year are u booked for festivals and tours

For both bands, gstnk, and Skinpeeler we will record ep I only play live very rarely now, actually only when there are exclusive offers, there are no plans for this year yet

MM: What was the first gig/ concert u ever went to

My first real concert was in the mid-eighties with the Stranglers and the Ramones


MM: and The last one

Against Evil in May and Denomination in June 2023


MM: If there was heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called

Sick Motherfucker


MM: if u were a musical instrument what wud u be



MM: Is there particular a song written by someone else you wish u had written

I don't know

MM: Tell me why we should check out your bands

Because they are all good

MM: Four words to describe your work honest, hard, intense and true Any final words for your fans and our readers

Thanks for the interview, yeah check out my bands, and always count on us, we're always there!


Skinpeeler Facebook

GSTNK Facebook


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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