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                                                                                                                 Release Date:16th October  2015
Three Piece Skythen mix up their Metal and it is really hard to put any kind of label on them, they hail from Germany and formed in 2014 

“Silverowls” is the bands new EP and  should  get the Metal worlds attention with its Doom laden Metal ,combined with some Thrash , and mixed with other snatches of different Metal themes.

They grab you around the throat ,and have you enthralled as the band let rip with the title track , feed back opens proceedings as Benjamin Kapidzic (Vocals/Guitar) sows the seed of No Bull Shit Metal , the production sounds stripped down and in the raw the way it should be. The onslaught of deep and doomy riffs entice and captivate you as the band pulls you into their world , it’s a gripping opening.

“Anthems” sees the vocalist sounding very much like Mike Patton from Faith No More, Jakob Ekhmes Drums bash their way into your cranium combined with the deep thudding Bass  from Frederic Twisterling it  spirals into your mind.

“The Saint” has a certain intensity that emanates, cloaking you like a shroud with its Black Sabbath inspired riffs and unearthly tones. “Eclipse” is a monster of a tune and will see you headbanging in unison as the song reaches its climax, it is possibly my favourite track on here. 


”Wolversrun” has deep and terryifying qualities as the song races along and would do well to be listened to on a moonlight night in the deepest forests alone! “Its Alright” screams at you and has an appeal to it that’s going to go down really well live with its chorus sung loud and vibrating around the venue.


Bonus track is a cover of Metallicas “Motorbreath” which to be frankly honest I wish they had left off the EP it’s a good cover don’t get me wrong, with its stoner take on the song, but would have been better left off as it kinda takes you away from the previous orginal six songs from these Teutonic terrors..

Maybes best for playing Live or on a B-Side , not your debut EP? That aside this band have a huge potential and need to be seen , heard, and given some of your time !


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score:9 /10


Silverowls - Tracklist:
1. Silverowls
2. Anthems
3. The Saint
4. Eclipse
5. Wolvesrun
6. It´s Alright
7. Motorbreath (bonus track)

Skythen is:
Benjamin Kapidzic - vocals + guitars
Frederic Twisterling: bass
 Jakob Ehmke: drums



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