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                                                                                             Label: Metal Box Recordings
"Catharsis" is Soldierfields  follow up   to their highly regarded EP "Bury The Ones We Love". 

The album opens with some  killer riff's, and sees Soldierfield mark  their territory  with "The Light"  its a heavy, very  appealing opener,  I find myself immediately taken with Leigh Oates clear  and highly impressive vocal range,Jeff Singers drums are beaten  battered and bruised as  some stunning guitar manship emanates from Andy Trott and Steve Wray , with Wayne Banks  on the Bass delivering  low and deep grooves to get your attention ,this is  captivating and will  please the Metal World!


Beautiful Lie " is a   track I kept going back to,  its pounding and delivers on all fronts  "The Only War" has  an acoustic opening it then blossoms  into an absorbing, brooding number, three tracks in and I am  fully taken with this  album no more so than the piece de resistance "Burn Bright" power house drumming opens up  the number and sees the band working their magic as they truly do Burn  and delve into your Metal Soul.


"Monochrome " is  a  spiralling   , chugging  delivery to bang your head and strain your neck to.

"Ghosts" and "Burn Bright" are my personal favourites, "Ghosts" is aggressive melodic and incredibly  powerful . 


Lets all join the Religion , the "New Religion" of Soldierfield this is a dark , deep number which leads to title track "Catharsis" this is  a varied and different number, it stands apart  from the rest of the album , its an acoustic ,  delivered beautifully and works really well as Oates sings a soul ful tune and Trott and Wray on acoustic guitars compliment  the vocals.


Penultimate track "Nothing Left" is  Metal to the bone , searing through the flesh with a switch blade knife , a whirling maelstrom  of Metal insanity is released. 

"Cut The The Ties" is a melodic velvet glove , covering an iron fist   and finishes off a  fantastic album from these Metallers.

Soliderfield  from the North West of England should,  and will grab your  attention, these guys rightly deserve it " Catharsis" needs to be noticed ,  lauded, and featured on  the cover of Metal Hammer , Kerrang etc.
Review: Seb Di Gatto
                                                             Score 8/10

1.The Light
2.Beautiful Lie
3.The Only War
4.Burn Bright
7. New Religion
9.Nothing Left
10.Cut The Ties

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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