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                                                                                                  Soldiers Of Solace
                                                                                                  Title: We Are Immortal
                                                                                                  Label: Rock’N’Growl Records 
                                                                                                  Release Date: January 26, 2018

Soldiers of Solace release their debut Album on the 26th of January, its an Album full to the brim of Hard Rocking, Head Shaking,  Blues infused,  Metal magic.
The Band features Jason Longo on Vocals, Ron Therrien Bass, Jeff Fahy Lead Guitar,Luis Cubille Rhythm Guitar, and Francesco Daniele on Drums.

Opening with the stellar "Rude Awakening"  killer riffs and swirling Guitars  draw you into the songs essence as you pound your fists and salute this  hard hitting debut, the first song promises much, its a storming opening to a pretty damn superb release! 
"We Are Immortal" blasts into the room with some  bad ass drumming courtesy of Francesco Daniele as Jason Longos Vocals continue to entice and en-thrall you on this the shortest  song on this platter.

The tempo is brought down a notch with the excellent Bluesy "Cold As Stone" its one of the most outstanding tracks on here , the Guitar solos and deep felt meaning to the song will send shivers up and down your spine, this song yearns Radio play, its impressive and fully melts your soul.
You can see the Band really  are onto a winner with  "We Are Immortal!" as the fourth track "Naked"  bruises and rips your speakers a new one as
Longos sublime vocals ask deep and meaningful questions.


"Walk Tall"  is fantastically dark and deep with its soul searching lyrics , while Jeff Fahey riffs  remind you of razor sharp confetti falling , cutting and digging deep into you.  This song hits you hard into the pit of your stomach, as indeed some of the fight is still left!
The big groove filled Rock continues with "Circus Clown" and the  slow burning "Washed in Flames" the emotion and feel from Jason Longos Vocals is outstanding as fire is needed to wash away the sins of past indiscretions on this melodic monster.

Next you are in for a surprise as "Dear John" grabs you by the scruff of the neck as  this Metal beast is unleashed, this number  is very different to the other numbers on here and will surprise you in many ways!

Penultimate track is the equally impressive "Freedoms Children".
Wrapping things up we have "Hannah" its full of Country, Blues induced vibes that show cases this Groups huge talents, if you are going to get one Album in this dismal month of January make it "We Are Immortal" it will wash and blow away those dulI and dismal days... I promise!


Reviewed By Seb Di Gatto: 24th January 2018             Score:9/10


Jason Longo – vocals Ron Therrien - bass guitar Luis Cubille - rhythm guitar Jeff Fahy - lead guitar Francesco Daniele – drums


1.Rude Awakening
2.We Are Immortal
3.Cold As Stone
5.Walk Tall
6.Circus Clown
7.Washed in Flames
8.Dear John
9.Freedoms Children
10.Hannah                                                  Facebook

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