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                                                                                                               Title: Lamenting of the Innocent

                                                                                                               Label: Metal Blade

                                                                                                               Release Date: 29th May 2020

Epic Doom Metallers Sorcerer returns with their third Album “Lamenting of the Innocent” with a revamped line up which featured on “The Crowning of The Fire King” with Guitarists Kristin Niemann and Peter Hallgren, Vocalist Anders Engberg, Justin Biggs on Bass and the return of former Drummer Richard Evensand this burning opus is heavy, deep, captivating and delves into the mass hysteria of the Witch burnings back in Medieval times.

The deep and foreboding intro takes us into the hunt for Witches as Knights roam the countryside and Villages are cleansed as the Innocent and hunted burn, this thundering mutha shakes the room as “The Hammer of The Witches” tells its tale, this kick-ass opening brings us nicely into the title track, a Doom Metallers wet dream filled with grim and monstrous melodies that are passionate and grandiose.


The Powder Keg of Heavy Bass and thumping Drums ignite on “Institoris” as Engberg’s magnificent Vocals grip around your throat in a vice-like hold. The melancholic “Where Spirits Die” fully captures the pain and agony of those uncertain times, the delivery and passion are enthralling and err ...bewitching!

On “Deliverance” we get the only featured guests in the guise of Johan Langquist of Candlemass and renowned Swedish cellist Svante Henryson this dramatic piece, with its impassioned vibes wash deep into your conscience on this doleful piece. Things are brought back up to speed on the chunky “Age of The Damned” a swirling vortex of agony and trepidation that gives you palpitations as you picture yourself back in those times. The suffering and torturous moments are told as the accused Witch waits in her cell on “Condemned” this killer track takes you through her emotions as the wretchedness of her situation plays out before your eyes the Guitar solo is special and tingles one's spine as the final journey of this poor soul is retold, it's beautiful sad and Doomtastic.


The feel of windy moors and tallow been burned are accompanied by a choir of death as “Dance with the Devil” takes and steals your essence.

I only have the ten tracks for review, but on the Digipack, there is an extra bonus track called “Hellfire”. So “Path to Perdition” is the final track, it's ambitious and different to anything Sorcerer have done so far lyrically this eight-minute gem sees the locals dragging the priest from his sanctuary of peace to the funeral pyre where he must pay for his evil deeds of burning the innocents, this is a massive end to a fabulous historic work of art, the feel and depth from your speakers is killer and thus brings to a close  “Lamenting of the Innocent”. 


To sum up, a clever and inventive third release from Sweden’s finest Doomsters and deserves to be in your collection, it is spellbindingly fiery and casts a spell on you!

Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score:9.5/10

Reviewed: 04/05/20  


1. Persecution (intro)
2. The Hammer of Witches
3. Lamenting of the Innocent
4. Institoris
5. Where Spirits Die
6. Deliverance
7. Age of the Damned
8. Condemned
9. Dance with the Devil
10. Path to Perdition
11. Hellfire (Bonus Track – only available on Digipak CD)


Sorcerer line-up:
Anders Engberg – vocals
Kristian Niemann – guitars
Peter Hallgren – guitars
Justin Biggs – bass
Richard Evensand – drums

Sorcerer online:


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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