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                                                                        Bear The Cross     Pure Steel
Yet another stunning band from Scandinavia ! This time Finland,  Pure Steel records bring you SoulHealer.. 
Formed back in 2009 this is the bands third release.

The albums opens with the fast and hard "Unleash The Beast" and that's exactly what these Finnish metallers do..  Waking up the beast of Melodic Metal! Its one of those songs that instantly gets you moving, its a stirring opening to ten tracks of very well executed harmonious and Melodic rocking.


Album title "Bear The Cross"  for me is the best track on here , I really love the guitar work and found this to be a song that immediately takes hold and really delivers on all fronts. 

Without a doubt this band know how to  deliver  groovetastic , catchy  metal, check out tracks like "Fall From Grace" the lyrical content thoughout is intelligent and uplifting. "Vipers Kiss" draws the venom and injects into your brain a song to sing loud and proud.

I think for me being an eighties metal head some of  the tracks are kind of a reminiscence for me , for example"Blinded by The Light" is so 1980s!

 I personally  feel this  is a positive thing! These guys know how to rock and shake the ground while maintaining the precision and depth of power, creating   instantly appealing metal,  especially on tracks like "Revealed" and "Dead man Walking" The album finishes on the longest track , with" Settle The Score" with Madienesque riff's thundering along to finish off a delightful album by these Finns. 


 Love the cover artwork which was   designed by  one of the most famous artists in that genre: Timo  Wuerz , it  catches your eye immediately.

 So to sum up  I would highly recommend this album especially if you dig Sonata Arctica, Helloween , Stratovarius and other  Melodic Metal bands.


For me as a reviewer its always nice to discover a new band an am told to check out their earlier work, something I shall certainly be doing, and so should you,  if like me you were unaware of SoulHealer.. If already a fan then you will lap this up!
Review Seb Di Gatto
 1. Unleash The Beast
 2. Bear The Cross
 3. The Journey Goes On
4. Fall From Grace
 5. Dead Man Walking
 6. Thorn  In My Heart
 7. The Viper’s Kiss
 8. Blinded By The Light
 9. Revealed
 10. Settle The Score












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