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                                                                                                     Split Heaven Interview  9.2.16


MM: The New Album is awesome can you give me your thoughts on “Death Rider and are there any songs you are especially proud of

Tomas Roitman:


First of all thanks for the interview! we are glad you have enjoyed Death Rider. Is the best album in the history of Split Heaven, so far and by far! You can hear since the beginning that we were hungry for releasing new material and that we needed to release the anger hidden by many years of instability and constant changes that were out of our control.

I'm proud of all the songs, because the process was with a lot of hard work and with the objective of coming back stronger than ever! More than a year of production, that's a hell of a time so, if any of us isn't proud of any song, we will have to punish him on the next tour, raping him or something like that haha! 


MM: will you be having a release party ? and I bet you are impatient as its still only Feb and not released til March


Tomas Roitman:


Well yes, we're having a release party on March 18th and 19th, playing live the only two gigs in Mexico on 2016. Jason's coming so we have to use our time wisely! Hopefully the CD's arrive on time from Germany, I'm already talking that with Pure Steel Records. 


Haha, we're impatient since we finished the album you can imagine haha but that's the way it is. Good things arrive if you are patient!


MM:Did you all contribute to the song writing process


Tomas Roitman:


Yes, it was a real fun time because every time Carlo, Armand and I were rehearsing, we recorded the songs so Jason knew what the hell we were doing, then he recorded some ideas and that's how we created this album. Interesting, a new challenge, all for the passion of heavy fucking metal! 


MM: Why the band name Split Heaven


Tomas Roitman:

Oh this is a loooong story haha, the band originally was going to be called Lightstorm but it wasn't so catchy. Then, the idea was to have a band with strong and powerful music with lyrics talking about a rebellion in a place where everything was supposed to be right. Why? simply because our disconformity with the things that happen in our country and the world, it has too many meanings, but  the main point is to divide and question things that aren't fair or right for us.


MM: What are the bands plans for 2016


Armand "Hank" Ramos:

2016 is a great year; specially because Death rider's release date on March 25!  Following that, well... you know there's a lot of work to be done in the promotion's department in order to prepare a kickass tour over Europe in early 2017. 

Speaking about in the immediate future, Jason will come down from Seattle for about two of weeks, so we are planning a couple of shows in the middle of March; so it's very likely for us to appear at XPO Soundcheck in World Trade Center, Mexico City (March 13th) and around those days we'll play in San Luis Potosí and another date to be announced.

Oh! and by the way, we will start preparing material for our next production and maybe we'll record some stuff by taking advantage of time ;)

Summarizing, there's a lot to prepare for our following overseas tour, but we are not discarding any opportunity for appearing this 2016 in  the U.S. for instance. 


MM: The album cover like the artwork is excellent, did you all have an input into the design and are there plans to have a tattoo of it yourself

Armand "Hank" Ramos:

I'm glad you like it!  Yeah, of course we all participated into the design. If I recall well, we were all eating burguers while drafting over several napkins.

You know what?, that's a great idea, let's ask the guys if they're up for making a collective tatoo (I'm definitely in!)


MM: Whats the ultimate goal for Split Heaven  


Armand "Hank" Ramos:

We want to rule the world! Seriously speaking, we are strongly passionate for metal and music. Our ultimate goal is to keep enjoying our lives doing this; by keeping it up together letting our metal spirit to create more stuff. And in the meantime, why not becoming a mexican metal legend?? :)


MM: Hows the Metal scene like in Mexico, and is it easy to get noticed, or do you play more gigs in the USA?


Armand "Hank" Ramos:

The mexican scene is a quite interesting phenomenon; there is people who claim to love metal but they hate local bands! Well, that's not exclusive for Mexico, but our country has not much audience for heavy music, so that reduces the odds of getting a good experience :(

On the other hand, we're talking about a particular period in society in which everything is right on-hand; that means that it doesn't matter how much effort you're doing to deliver a high quality production or content, everyone will take it as granted because it's so easy to get a lot of stuff for free. So no effort on buying local band's cd's equals no appraisement to bands, which equals no fanatism and therefore low scene. But nevertheless there's always people and fans who really worth the efforts!


Unfortunately we have not had the opportunity yet to play in the USA, there has been always cancellations since a couple of years, but we are ready to rock over the USA when the time comes, and now that we have our second home up there (because of Jason) you can expect to hear from us very soon!


MM: Which bands influenced you growing up and who would be your ultimate bands to tour with?


Jason Conde-Houston:

My list of influences is quite long so I'll keep it reasonable. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar, Dio, Sabbath, Rainbow, Saxon, Accept, Grave Digger, Domine, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Tyran Pace, Primal Fear, Helstar, Crimson Glory, Riot, Rhapsody, Santa, Angeles del Infierno, Obus, Muro and Tierra Santa.  But my favorite band that made me want to play rock and roll was Led Zeppelin. I used to crank the first record over and over jumping around and screaming like Robert Plant when I was young. Another big band for me is Hawkwind. I also love 60s-80s Soul and Funk like Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince and the one and only James Brown.

As far as who I'd like to tour with? I think a long time ago I would have said Manowar, but they don't do tours like that anymore. I think Saxon would be the funnest to tour with, Biff seems like a really fun guy to hang out with and I would never get tired of their set lists. Saxon is definitely one the funnest bands to listen to. From the sing along choruses, the riding bass lines, twin guitar showdowns and the sheer power of the drums it's just a perfect combination.


MM: Tell us why we should buy “Death Rider”


Jason Conde-Houston:

If you like classic Heavy Metal with no compromise this is the album for you. The riffs alone are infectious as all hell. The solos are charismatic and catchy. Tomas's drumming is both thunderous and soothing given the musical moment at hand. The bass is pretty pocket but it rings pure and true. Then you have me, Jason "Von" Skelator soaring through the sky with melodic fury and death. If you are aching for your ears to bleed once more you bought the right album.


MM: Four words to describe Split Heaven

Jason Conde-Houston:

Crushing, Devastating, Explosive, Gleaming


MM:Silly question… who invented Chilli ? and why ! ha ha


Jason Conde-Houston:

Pretty sure it's Northern Mexican dish originally then became a staple of Texan food. Over the years it has evolved into many forms just like a Pokemon. I cook Chili regularly, whether it be with meat, or vegan or spicier than anyone else would want it I'll make it. It's kinda relaxing to cook meals like that. You can feed alot of people for pretty cheap and everyone is happy. Also really good when you and your friends are drinking lots of beer and cranking heavy metal through the night.


MM :Final words for your fans and our listeners


Jason Conde-Houston:

I hope you guys enjoy the new album. It was a pleasure for me personally to record this album. I have been a fan of Split Heaven since 2009 when I set up a show for their tour with Spellcaster. Unfortunately something happened and they had to cancel the tour so I was unable to meet them or even see them live. Luckily and I kept up with them and when they needed my aid I was ready. I cannot wait to play shows with them in Mexico this year and Germany in 2017. So yes buy the album, buy some Tequila and get fucking crazy! PURO PINCHE PARTY!!!!


Interview By :Seb Di Gatto



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