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                                                                                                                  Title: Force of Life

                                                                                                                  Label: Mighty Music

                                                                                                                  Release Date: 01/03/19

Statement are a tour de force without a shadow of a doubt I recently had the pleasure of catching these Danes live and was totally blown away by their Songs, enthusiasm, and energetic stage performance. Now I had been sent their Album for review a few weeks back but hadn’t gotten around to listening to them yet, (we do get loads of Albums sent through daily!) and my shock at finding these guys supporting one of the best up and coming UK bands in Gin Annie in Newcastle Upon Tyne was a pleasant surprise.

These dudes are the hardest working Band in Denmark and have already released two Albums and have an amazing future ahead of them going by this their latest release what we have here is ten tracks of classic Hard Rocking with a Twist. 
The band consist of Lead vocal Jannick Brochdorf, Lead guitar/vocal Niels Alex LarsenGuitars/vocal - Lars Ulrik Le Fevre ,  Martin Poulsen- Bass and on Drums  Daniel Nielsen and are hopefully going to make the whole world sit up and take notice with this superb melodic metallic hard rocking release.


Opening with “The Hero Inside” it’s a all guns blazing and a stunning introduction that instantly gets you hooked and has you grooving and partying, from the beginning its one I remember them performing live a few nights back and has stuck in my mind! Jannick Brochdorfs Vocals and the rest of the Band have you dancing, banging your head and punching the air in no time, what a fantastic opener! “Darkness in your eyes” is a real thumping song that commences with a flurry of head pounding Drums and heady Bass and Guitars as the immensely talented Brochdorfs Vocals take center stage his delivery is just perfect for this genre of music as like all of the songs on this platter they instantly captivate you and have you singing  along in no time at all!

Claps of thunder and “Higher Ground” continues to rock your socks off then the next  track  has you thinking  as “I Wonder Why” blasts out of your speakers a statement on the state of the current world we live in, with some delicious guitar man ship and an addictive beat I think this is possibly one my personal favorite tracks on here with the next exceptional track “The Hurt” that reminds me a tiny bit of another song, from along time ago! Anyway, I digress the guys played this live I love its deep and dirty grooves and had I still been in possession of long hair I would have been head banging at the front along to this un!


Next, we get the aptly named “Force of Life” this races outta the tracks its pulsating tones stamp their mark on your soul as the rhythm section of Martin Poulson on Bass and Daniel Nielsen’s Drums are beaten to with in an inch of their life, this is the heaviest track on here, as Le Fevre and Brochdorfs Guitars are made to sing… awesome stuff!

Then err ok still not sure about this song “California Dreaming” they played this live to, but yeah man it works, and I have started too dig this song, it’s a great cover and better than the original! “Rock your heart out” great title and great tuneage as you will do as the title says!  Penultimate track is “Feeling Scared” a chugging number with some exemplary riffs and hooks to draw you in its immense and love the way song comes to its end. The tempo not the quality is brought down with the final song a luscious ballad “In this Moment” will bring a tear to even the most hardened Rocker.


Now Denmark has a produced some stellar Bands in Rock and Metal over the years like Volbeat, Pretty Maids, King Diamond, Manticora, Supercharger the list goes on and Statement are a Band that have kind of gone under our radar here at The Metal Gods Meltdown but no longer! Grab a hold of “Force of Life” it may just change your life!!



Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 8.5/10            Facebook

Reviewed: 05/02/19



Track Listing:

1.The Hero Inside

2.Darkness in Your Eyes

3.Higher Ground

4.I Wonder Why

5.The Hurt

6.Force of Life

7.California Dreaming

8.Rock Your Heart Out

9.Feeling Scared

10.In This Moment



Lead vocal Jannick Brochdorf

Lead guitar/vocal Niels Alex Larsen

Guitars/vocal - Lars Ulrik Le Fevre

Martin Poulsen- Bass

Drums  Daniel Nielsen


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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