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                                                                                                         Title: Ignite the Machine
                                                                                                         Label:Metalapolis Records 
                                                                                                         Release Date: 31 July 2020
Irish Metallers Stormzone returns with "Ignite The Machine" at the end of the month, and what a triumphant comeback it is in these days of lockdowns and unknowns. Heavily influenced by NWOBHM with a modern twist these rockers take you on a pure unadulterated dream of racing guitars and heads down boogying. Fronted by  John"Harv" Harbinson, Steve Moore, and Dave Shields on Guitars, the thudding Bass of Graham McNulty and quick-fire drumming of Davey Bates this twelve-track beastie seriously kicks backside!
Lead single "Tolling of the bell" opens proceedings and is instantly catchy this is pure Metal the way it always should be as Harbinson lays down that unique Vocal, and Steve Moore with Dave Shields make their Guitars sing, it brings an instant smile to your face and has you singing along in no time, a stunning opener that leads nicely into the title track as "Ignite the machine" rocks up, its a chunky monkey track of massive proportions this powerful tune blasts out of your speakers as the militaristic Drumming from Bates and thumping Basslines of McNulty shake the walls and piss off the neighbors!

The aptly titled "My Disease" has some hellish riffs as Harbinson continues to impress and reminds you of Geoff Tate with a touch of Dickinson thrown in his vocals continue to astound and captivate you. The gentle opening to "Each Setting Sun" soon breaks out into pure rocking heaven, its a real storming track that claws itself into your conscience, and with the next track "Dragons Cartel" hit the spot and are my firm favorites today anyway. I love the build up on "Dragons Cartel" it fires out some mean riffs and drags me kicking and screaming back to the lean and mean early days when NWOBHM was on the rise, this is Classic Metal the way it should always be and this song is a must live.
Things are taken down a notch with "Nothing to Fear" a track that has you longing for those bygone days. It baffles me why these guys have never gotten bigger and more exposure, this track is built for the arena with its heartfelt feel, this is radio-friendly and pure ear candy.  The storming "Revolution" has you battening down the hatches banging your head and singing yourself hoarse..hell yeah, it has more punch than the "Gypsy King" on Amphetamines!

"New Age Necromancer" is a big grooved rocker that sees the guys deliver on all fronts and running just under seven minutes it's the perfect track to work out to at the gym and get your blood racing around your body..its Magnifique! "Dealers Reign"  has a monstrous backbeat, and purebred Metal, blast this mutha out MEGA LOUD! "Flame That Never Dies"  is a slow burner with ethereal effects this ignites your soul. The songwriting on this opus is superb showing off wealth and variety though out, but no more so than on this one.
Penultimate song "Under her spell" casts its magic and leads nicely into Final track "This Is Heavy Metal"  is so clever and addictive and fun its the pure icing on this Metal Cake full of different layers and damn delicious!

This release has been a regular on my journeys out and about in these unprecedented times, and is easily up there as one of Stormzones strongest releases alongside my fave  Stormzone Album "Lucifers Factory" ticks all the right boxes and is the perfect cure for these disease-ridden days.  Get it and "Ignite The Machine"

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 9.5 10


Track Listing:
  1.    Tolling Of The Bell        
  2.    Ignite The Machine        
  3.    My Disease        
  4.    Each Setting Sun        
  5.    Dragon Cartel        
  6.    Nothing To Fear        
  7.    Revolution        
  8.    New Age Necromancer        
  9.    Dealer’s Reign        
  10.  Flame That Never Dies        
  11.   Under Her Spell        
  12.  This Is Heavy Metal

John “Harv” Harbinson – Vocals
Steve Moore – Guitars
Dave Shields – Guitars
Graham McNulty – Bass
Davy Bates – Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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