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                                                                                                    Title: Lucifers Factory

                                                                                                    Label:Metal Nation Records

                                                                                                    Release Date: April  23rd 2018

Stormzone return with their sixth Album “Lucifer’s Factory” and I don’t really know where to start if am honest, this is a stunning, superlative release that covers Irish folklore, one of my favourite subjects  just happens to be folklore, legends and myths, I know a lot about folklore in Devon where I was raised but nothing at all about Irelands, so intrigued I pushed all the other reviews aside and listened transfixed to this platter again and again and again you get the idea!


Opening with powerhouse drumming from Jonathan Millar the fast and furious song tells its tale of “Dark Hedges” a place in Ballymoney which is an avenue of beech trees that are said to be visited by a ghost called the grey lady, and  also made famous by The Game of thrones series, this song is full on as  John “Harv” Harbinson majestic vocals tell the phantasmic story as the grey lady is joined by other spirits from the graveyard on all hallows eve.  

The title track is up next, this is going to be awesome live this song is such a ballsy anthem and its subject matter will surprise many as “Lucifer’s Factory” weaves its devilish delights into your conscience. Next, we have the tale of the infamous outlaw Cushy Glenn, who robbed and took several travellers life’s and dumped them in the “Murder hole” he would wait for his prey and follow them over the mountains and hills, this song transfixes you as you listen and bang your head while singing the chorus. (The fact I have driven this road and knew nothing about the cut throat highway man annoys me!) The guitars are shredded by Steve Moore and Jr Afrifa as the Bass of Graham McNulty thunders along as you travel back in time along this deep, dark and dangerous highway.


“Last night in Hell” is another track I kept returning to its Metal deliverance and thudding genius had me, ripping off the head phones and playing this one full blast and upsetting the neighbours! “Albhartach” is a song about the original Irish vampire known to have inspired Bram Stoker's “Dracula” its fast and furious and has lashings of hellish riffs to strain your neck too.


“We Are Strong” has such an uplifting feel to it as the guys continue to feed your mind with their dark tales of old. Every track on this thirteen-track platter is dedicated to these fables of Irish mystery. The intrigue and wonderment just continue to beguile and hold your attention as you sing along with the mighty Stormzone.

 “Broken Window” is heavy and uncompromising and another track with a stunning harmony and a catchy chorus. Some machine gun drumming opens “The heaven you despise” fuck yeah bang that head hard and raise your horns to the sky and salute Belfast’s favourite sons!  Halloween comes from Ireland it’s a fact, check out “Hallows Eve” Harvs vocals just continue to amaze you with the bands musical delivery these guys should be huge! “Your hell falls down” has some mean mutha fucking riffs that melt your soul as you go “In for the kill” then the superb “The Last goodbye” continues to have you singing and feeling grand as these Irish men steal your Metal soul as you sail the seven seas.

Final song “Time to go” moved me so much am not sure if they are using the bodhran on this final track it feels like they are going back to their Irish roots on this song its beautiful.


Thankyou Stormzone for an amazing release and possibly one of the best Albums I have heard in many a year.  

Now I want to return to the Emerald Isle and visit these places of legend, while listening to this superb Album. I can’t say much more than grab a hold of this work of art its fabulous and one I will return to a lot and will purchase even though I have the digital Album I want this in my hand!


Review : Seb Di Gatto                      Score: 10/10             Facebook

Reviewed by Seb Di Gatto    


This review is dedicated to my best friend , my soul mate, my guiding light Alison “Bear” Caswell forever in my heart, she would of loved this Album R.I.P my dear Alison you xx 


1.Dark Hedges
2.Lucifer's Hedges
3.Cushy Glen
4.Last Night In Hell
6.We Are Strong
7.Broken Window
8.The Heaven You Despise
9.Hallows' Eve
10.Your Hell Falls Down
11.In For The Kill
12.The Last Goodbye
13.Time To Go


Band members:
John "Harv" Harbinson - Vocals
Steve Moore - Guitars
Jr Afrifa - Guitars
Graham McNulty - Bass
Jonathan Millar - Drums



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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