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                                                                                                                     Realms of Odoric
                                                                                                                     Label: AFM Records
                                                                                                                     Release Date: 20 May 2016
Suidakra have been around for twenty odd years and combine Celtic tones with Melodic Death Metal ,they are known for epic Metal Releases. “Realms of Odric” continues this legacy , it  was originally a soundtrack Album for an epic project of fantastical proportions. 

Instead this opus has been given a heavier edge and is a straight ahead Metal strike.  Opening with battle drums and Bag pipes “Into The Realm” is an enticing intro to what follows.

“The Serpent Within” chugs ,and bruises with its ferocity, then one of the highlights of the album  “The Hunters Horde” sees Lars Wehners drums pummelled as the song ignites into life, this is a grandiose anthem  that sees Arkadius vocals take on a malevolent feel as you flee through the  “Dark Woods” combined with the dual guitars of the vocalist and Marius “Jusski” Pesch it’s a creepy , daunting , yet uplifting piece.

“Creeping Blood” tells a truly devilish tale , it’s only a short song and only the brave would be advised to listen , alone ,on a dark cold desolate night! Then suddenly the whole Album changes direction  on “Undaunted” ,with shrieking bag pipes and symphonic melodies , the female vocals from Tina Stabel  I am afraid , just do not fit? although the vocals are raspy and vibrant it just doesn’t work with what has gone before.


“Lion of Darcania” puts the Album back on course its vehement presentation will please fan and have many a pit  exploding into insanity! I like the way this song comes together with both Arcadius and Tina singing to its finality. “Pictish Pride” is a thumping, fist in the air number a melodic song that doesn’t let up it is memorable and catchy. Then the other stand out track along with the third song  is “On Road to Ruin “it’s fast, aggressive curves will excite and delight  the masses as Tina and Arkadius vocals are used to great effect ,it’s a classically inspired Folk Metal piece.

“Dark Revelations” will decimate your brain cells with its thunderous drumming ,and guitar solo ,it is delightfully war like and expansive.


Okay am trying not to be hard but come on....
“Braving The End” sees Tina return on her own at first  for a ballad that again is out of place , and Arkadius comes over like a certain soul singer, this is cringe worthy, one to avoid just go onto the next track.


 I have never been so happy to hear the Bagpipes as “One Against The Tide “ hoves into view  Tim Siebrechts Bass booms as the band work their magic accompanied by a choir from Satan’s deepest caverns, I love the way the Bag pipes work within this song, it’s a hugely  impressive piece. “Cimbric Requiem” is an epic end to this hard to not love Album with a few hiccups in  places . On the Digi Pack “Remembrance” is the final track this  really should be on the Album ,with the Ballad  as a bonus track ! I think this band you either hate or love , there is no middle ground, for me I would see them live and  gladly have this album in my collection.      


Review :Seb Di Gatto Score:8/10    Facebook    Website
Track listing:
01. Into The Realm
02. The Serpent Within
03. The Hunter's Horde
04. Creeping Blood
05. Undaunted
06. Lion Of Darcania
07. Pictish Pride
08. On Roads To Ruin
09. Dark Revelations
10. Braving The End
11. One Against The Tide
12. Cimbric Requiem
13. Remembrance [Digipak bonus]



Band Line up: Arkadius – Vocals, Guitars, Orchestral Arrangements
Marius “Jussi” Pesch Guitars
Lars Wehners - Drums
Tim Siebrecht...
Jussi - Guitar
Tina Stabel Vocals


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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