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                                                                                      Title: Wavelengths

                                                                                       Label: Independent

                                                                                       Release Date:3rd April 2023

What’s that deep rumbling coming from the midlands of the UK? It's Mansfield’s finest Syncolmia with “Wavelengths” a hard-hitting unrelenting pounding release to wake up and piss off the neighbours!

Based around Josh Guitar /Vocals, Gazz Evans's Drums /Vocals, and Stoff on Bass these masterful riff masters open proceedings as the addictive “Beautiful Unsold” takes no prisoners with bone-crushing riffs and head-banging fury it's guaranteed to rock your socks off with its heavy bass and streaming guitars a sure-fire anthem that has the listener instantly hooked.  

The album continues to impress as the fun-fuelled and wickedly addictive “Riff” steps into the arena of hard rocking horns in the air metal delirium.

It's a riff-laden anthem and does exactly what it says on the tin! With the thumping rhythm section delivering the goods this good-time rocker will leave a Cheshire cat-sized grin on your face I promise ya!

Indeed a real pounding piece of riffage opens up proceedings,  then guys then bring it down a touch, its multi-layered approach is stunning.

“Communicide” works its way into your conscience with its killer move and grooves, I would say this track and the previous one are my favourites on here, well today anyway!

We delve into “New Beginnings” a doom-laden piece, with some killer moments hinting at some Sabbathesque tones.

The title track “Wavelengths” slows things right down to a real atmospheric number with some chunky monkey lines to boot as this number reaches its zenith. Simply adore the riff-strewn thumping bass fuelled rocker “Death of an enemy”.  The rollercoaster ride of “The Dregs” twists and turns and makes some killer hooks it’s a fist-pumping head bangingly addictive song.

Love the lyrics and the way “In the muck again” courses into the room with some great bass lines and monster drums this builds into a face-melting finale. The penultimate song “Dead and gone” is a heavy-laden tune that simply pummels the senses.  “Pound of Flesh” brings this platter to a close, it’s a slow burner that captures the real songwriting talents of the band, a stellar end to a hellishly impressive work of art.


I am sure this release will see them added to established festivals and more this year as “Wavelengths” is the real deal a pure-bred titan of no-bullshit hard-hitting riffalicious anthems awaits you!


Review: Seb Di Gatto            Score:9/10   

Reviewed: 7/1/2023


1. Beautifully unsold

2. Riff


4. New Beginnings 

5. Wavelengths

6. Death of an enemy

7. The Dregs

8.In the muck again

9. Dead and gone

10. Pound of flesh


Band Line-up:

Josh  Guitar /Vocals

Gazz Evans Drums /Vocals                                     Syncolima | Mansfield | Facebook 

Stoff Bass                                                      


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