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                                                                                                                          The 69 Eyes

                                                                                                             Universal Monsters

                                                                                                             Label: Nuclear Blast

                                                                                                             Release Date: 22nd April

The 69 Eyes  from Finland return with "Universal Monsters" which is the bands  Twelfth  Album. To the uninitiated, These Helsinki Vampires sound like a combination of The Cramps, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, with the vocals from Jyrki sounding like the bastard son of Pete Steele , and an evil Elvis Presley! 

The first two songs on the album have been chosen as single releases ,and it’s easy to see why. First up is “Dolce Vita” , this is Gothic Rock at its best, with Jyrkis deep beguiling tones vibrating and shaking the floor as you instantly find yourself tapping your feet after just one listen, the guitar solos are outstanding throughout this album and the first solo you hear  is a shred monster’s heaven! The catchy and invigorating “Jet Fighter Plane” has whoa whoa's a plenty and is drenched in an eighties vibe, this song is catchy as hell with its intelligent lyrics it flies , diving into the Cold War zone and has an anathematic feel to it as does the stunning “Blackbird Pie” another song to get the masses singing with its strong chorus it’s going to have to be a must play live song, I love the Acoustic break in the song ,and how this morsel of Gothic Rock is enticing drawing you into it's musical landscape, it makes this a sure fire highlight , my favorite song on this release.


“Lady Darkness” has an Electro Goth feel to it and kind of disappoints after the previous tracks. The excellent and profound “Stiv & Johnny” kicks some serious backside as does “Miss Pastis” which booms out of your speakers, and also has an instant sing along catchy chorus combined with blistering guitarmanship from Messrs Bazie and Timo, this will even make the dead twist and shout! Talking of the dearly departed “Shallow Graves” throws up some dark and nightmare ish images with its dark and moody Bass playing from Archzie.


The sands of time flow and blow in the wind as the engrossing “Jerusalem” floats and glides into the room, it’s a Middle Eastern treat with some exceptional wailing that will  make you shiver as the song reaches it's conclusion. Jussi 69 pummels his drum kit to the clever and  disturbing  fun induced “Never”.

“Blue” is a ballad so obviously an  emotionally moving tune and it just shows how  damn talented these Finns of Gothica are.

The final song like the beginning of the Album jumps outta ya speakers ,wrapping its demonic claws around your jugular and bouncing you around the room.

This song is gonna be a killer live ,the punters singing along that you’re just a “Rock n Roll Junkie”!     


So finally To sum up, I had have never really taken much notice of Finland’s favorite Goth Rock and Rollers The 69 Eyes, but after listening to their new Album “Universal Monsters” that’s going to change. “Universal Monsters” is a cracking Gothic fueled release which will see me catching up on their back catalogue , and catching them live  very soon !



 The cover artwork of »Universal Monsters«, as well as the first video single, were conceived by Finnish photographer and director Ville Juurikkala - known from his works for NIGHTWISH, AMORPHIS, HIM, APOCALYPTICA and MICHAEL MONROE. As the album title »Universal Monsters« refers, the band are portrayed in movie monster lighting, showing them as well classic and timeless creatures. “The covers are planned and designed as an old-school CD cover - remember when the booklets used to be as exciting as the album itself?! It will actually have five different covers being such a folder - each member of the band can be used as a cover creature of their own. Ville has really succeeded in capturing the classic movie vibe for the shots without any special make-up or photo shopping. THE 69 EYES are the universal rock ’n’ roll monsters - not so many of us left anymore,” says THE 69 EYES vocalist Jyrki. “So from real fans I wish they would get the actual CD in their hands to get the full album treatment as we have planned it to be experienced!”

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score :9/10        Facebook   Website

 Track listing:

1.Dolce Vita
2.Jet Fighter Plane
3.Blackbird Pie
4.Lady Darkness
5.Stiv & Johnny
7.Miss Pastiso
9.Shallow Graves
11.Rock N Roll Junkie

Members: Jyrki 69 - Vocals Bazie - Guitar Timo-Timo - Guitar Archzie - Bass Jussi 69 - Drums





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