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                                                                                                       The Cyon Project
                                                                                 Tales Of Pain       Label:Pavement Entertainment
                                                                                                  Release Date: 27 January 2015
From Torino Italy we have the Cyon Project, "Tales of Pain" is the bands latest release and its a mixed bag of sounds, the influences are too many to name , as are the genres this album tries to encapsulate.

I mean we get acoustics, Rock, Stoner, Hardcore and Thrash ,Its all a bit bizarre, but does actually work. 


The opening intro "Joe" goes on for far too long,and reminds me of a soundtrack for something like "A Fistful of Dollars"! Personally I would have a short intro and maybe had "Joe" as the final track ? any way, The band get down to business with "Cheesy Song" its an enjoyable fun song with energy and more bounce than Tigger on drugs! Am taken with the vocals and the bands sound and I am instantly impressed, having never heard of The Cyon Project before, although they have been around since 2009, these guys play a mean tune and as you can see by the song titles , they are a fun,  energetic band.


The excellently titled "Mr.Creosote" is up next , its a  punchy , kick ass tune! Same can be said for "Rulemaker". The album changes direction its an acoustic number mixed with plugged in, the arrangement works really well and for me is the highlight on "Tales of Pain" . "Isaac Foretold it"  is an intelligent song that sees the band dig and cross into slightly  hardcore territory, as does "Average People" .


I particularly like the way the band mix every thing up on this song, its a funky chunky number.  The feel changes again as an acoustic, symphonic intro, with Middle eastern vibes opens and accelerates into "Raise Your Head" a song that will be great in a  live setting am sure, the tempo changes throughout the song and does keep your attention, super stuff!. "Sandglass"  is a haunting tune with deep lyrics. Moving to the final track "Englewood Hotel" its a mish mash of everything, its a bit of a head fuck if truth be told and takes some getting into, to fully appreciate its qualities.

To sum up  all the different genres on the album, get a bit too much at times,  I think they should of stuck to one sound/ idea instead of trying to many different routes of expression. But I  really do think its well worth getting a hold of this album its pretty cool!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 7.5 /10

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2.Cheesy Song



5. Rulemaker

6.Phantom Limb 

7.Isaac Foretold it

8. Average people

9.Raise Your Head

10. Sandglass

11.John Ryder                                                                          

12. Englewood Hotel

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