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                                                                                      The Hellfreaks Interview    1/11/19


MM: Thanks for your time today, Whats the feedback been like for "Men In Grey"


HF:Thank you for having us!

Perhaps I should show some “bigger balls” for the first sentence of an interview but honestly, I’m very surprised how good the feedback has been. Men In Grey is the first single from our upcoming Album “God On The Run”. Those who have been following us for a while know that each of our albums are quite different from each other, that’s why Men In Grey was a risky first step for us. It was the first hint to our fans about which genre-path we’ve chosen for “God On The Run”.

Now I’m way more confident presenting our new material as after just one month, Men In Grey became one of our most listened to songs on our Spotify profile. So besides the tons of positive messages we’ve received from our fans, the numbers seem to tell us that people like what they hear.


MM: Which two tracks would you play me  to introduce us to your Band

HF:Of course always the new ones! Check the first 2 singles we’ve released so far from “God On The Run”!
Men In Grey
Red Sky


MM: Can you give us details on tours/festivals for the rest of the year and going into 2020

HF:We would love to but there is not much we can announce right now. We’re going to be playing at Hungary’s biggest rock festival, Rockmaraton on the 8th of July but I’ll have to ask for some patience till our album release tour announcement.


MM: What can we expect from  HELLFREAKS  live


HF:You can expect loud rock music, sweat, headbanging, honesty and a show with no breaks. To use the words of someone who has actually seen our show from the audience - “At the beginning of your show I thought I would head to the bar to grab a beer when it calmed down a little... but now your show is over and I’m thirsty as hell!”


MM: Can u tell me what do you like best about touring And worst?


HF:It’s cheesy but doing what you love, with the people you love, absolutely focused on music and the moment and shutting out the real world is just the best thing in the world for me. So basically I just love to do what I love.

My biggest fear on tour is to encounter problems with my voice … that’s a nightmare. And of course it happens, that’s why I fear it so much. The feeling of letting down your bandmates, the fans that came out for the show, the promoter who organized the evening. All you can do is pray to a god that your broken voice won’t completely abandon you on stage. That’s the biggest disaster for me.

As we’re not touring full time, the worst moment has to be arriving home after a longer tour and getting back to ‘normal life’ or rather your OTHER ‘normal life’. It’s always a real struggle for me.


MM: Who would be your ultimate bands to tour with


HF:I’m dying to tour with The Distillers.


MM: With so many Bands out there..How do you intend to stand out from the others?


HF:The mix of genres that we use is very unique. I think this is the power of The Hellfreaks but I know that this is what can turn the fans that aren’t able or don’t want to think out of the box, crazy because they can’t clearly categorize us. But I hate categories. Categories are made to make life easier but to stunt the creation of one’s own opinions, they are a measure of “what you have to think of it”.

When it comes to the question “to which bands do you sound similar to” it takes me ages to give an answer. I even asked our street team this question and no one could really answer it..

I believe that this has to be a sign that we’re doing a good job because it’s hard to compare us to any other band, which means that we’re really doing something unique and that is one of the main goals when you’re writing music.


MM: When did you first realise you had such a musical talent and do you remember your first ever performance


HF:I don’t know when this could be but I hardly believe this could ever happen to me. I’m pretty convinced that I have no talent at all. But I’m quite the fighter when it comes to dreams so I just try to give my best and work hard on getting better.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?


HF|:I’m struggling between choosing Marilyn Manson, The Pretty Reckless, Marmozets, Raised Fist or … I guess I end up at Brody Dalle.

I lived in Berlin for some years and in that period Brody Dalle hadn’t had her reunion with the Distillers but she had a solo career. After she released Diploid Love, she had an almost secret show in Berlin in a super tiny club. Somehow I was at the right place at the right moment and I grabbed 2 tickets.  I’m not sure about it, but I guess this show was a kind of test for her to see if everything would work out the way she wanted after such a long break from music. She showed up with the guitarist from the Distillers and they also played some Distillers songs. It was crazy! It was so perfect, I almost cried.
Some months later she did a way bigger show in Berlin, that’s the reason I think that this might have been a trial run for her. But it was absolutely amazing.


MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with HELLFREAKS


HF:There are a lot of festivals and shows I could mention here … but one of the biggest accomplishments for me personally is that after all this time, my passion still burns for this band with all my heart and  I’m 100% convinced that we’re getting better and better with each album. I see so many great artists doing the same thing year after year. That’s so sad. Where did they leave their creativity?  We always find the inspiration to reinvent ourselves in a way without looking back. I think that’s something we can be proud of.

All that is manifesting at the moment in our upcoming record, God On The Run. The presale has already started on on our webshop! ( I’ve never been so proud of a record and I’m 100% sure that this is the best one we’ve ever written. Now I just hope that our fans will think the same. :-)


MM:  Which are your Two favorite  albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

HF:Green Day - Dookie. The first two CD’s I bought were from a second hand shop. One was Bob Marley, the other was Green Day. I think it’s obvious which I prefer more. I was around 12-13 years old and as you can see, it’s had quite an effect on my later life.  


Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell. I don’t think that there is another album I’ve listened to so often. I’m in love with every song of this record. I have no better reason, I just love it.


MM: Where would you like to see yourselfs in 5 years time ?


HF:I hope that we’ll be touring so much that we’ll be sick of it!


MM: Four words to describe HELLFREAKS

HF:Female-fronted-(but-it-should-not-really-matter-that-there-is-a-female-on-the-mic) punk-rock-metal with-a-healthy-touch-of fck-off-and-die!


MM: Can you tell me why we should check out HELLFREAKS


HF:Because now that you’ve read the full interview you would like to know what the hell I am talking about!







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