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                                                                                                                    The Modern Age Slavery interview  15.04.23

MM: Your new album "1901 The first mother" which gets released in May is not a concept album as such tell us your ideas and inspirations behind this work

The album title hides a twofold meaning. On one hand, ‘1901’ recalls the year in which Queen Victoria, of the House of Saxe, passed away decreeing the beginning of Modernism in Philosophy or, in other words, the establishment of the Modern Era. The subtitle – ‘The First Mother’ - underlines that, in my mind, this album is the first chapter of a trilogy in which I will try to paint, with words and music, several forms of self-imposed slavery. ‘1901’ draws inspiration from Pre-First World War poets, philosophers, and scientists. The following chapter shall try to describe the post-world war scenario, whereas the third and final chapter will resemble the yet-to-come, though inevitable, future in which we will all let part of our lives to be driven by others.


MM: Are you majorly impatient waiting for its release in May

I truly can’t wait to play these songs live! At the moment, our live activity is on hold due to the fact the album will be released soon. Well, after the release, we will start playing every freaking where.


MM: Tell us about your plans before the release date video/ single wise

We are going to release four videos. Two of them are already out, namely KLLD (a visualizer) and Pro Patria Mori directed by Matteo Ermeti. The next video will be the song Irradiate all the Earth, which we chose due to the insaaaane drumming. We will also paly that song live and am kinda laughing thinking about how difficult it will be for myself and for the drummer. The last video is for the Korn cover, Blind. Also, you should check our the video of the song OXYgen, directed by Jacob Burov, which is truly strange looking.


MM: Do you have a lot of involvement in the ideas behind the videos

The whole videos idea is from myself and from Ludovico Cioffi (the guitarist). We have also prepared the scenery and we did contact and chose the actors. In this case, Matteo Ermeti, the director, provided his outstanding skills in video recording and mounting, although all the rest is TMAS inspiration.


MM: The album artwork is stunning and would even make an interesting tattoo dont u think 

I can tell you this. Few years ago, we toured in Ukrain. During the last gig, Federico (the drummer) broke his stand and got, that same night, a tattoo of a broken stand to remember the gig. I bet he will do the same with 1901 cover!


MM: Since your last album "Stygian" the world has completely changed how much more difficult was it for you guys during the lockdowns to keep motivated

Lockdown has been hell, although it gave us the time to focus on something which was not live performance. If I can find a positive outcome of that period, is that people realized how sad life can be without live music. Indeed, the first gigs after lockdown were full of people and full of energy!


MM: We live in a world where people are so easily offended these days have you had any issues with your band name from the woke warriors

The band name is inspired by a book - ‘Escaping From Freedom’ - by Erich Fromm, which investigates the psychological state of mind of uneducated masses, willing to avoid the responsibility to choose for their own future. In the past, some webzine reported that the name was inspired by my job as roboticist (I build robot hands during the day ), implying that we were somehow anti-technology. That is not the meaning of the TMAS and I don’t see why anyone would get offended. If you have the chance to read the lyrics from our second album, Requiem for us all, you will find the we are also highlighting social injustice, although we do it in a subtle rather then explicit way. You made me remember of that lyrics… (cit. A new dawn- Another burning morning- For those who live day by day restlessly- Each step in life to recall who you are and where you are from - Labelled as lesser men by the human division of wealth- Wasted life - Disenchanted youth of today

You've never learned to put your hands down), written in a day when I was truly upset by how Italy was treating us….


MM: Tell us your plans for the year are u booked for festivals and tours

We are playing on the 12th of May, as our release party, in Isola Rock – Verona. After that we will surely start touring but nothing is fully confirmed yet.


MM:You have toured and shared the stage with some massive names already, but which 3 bands would be your ultimate tour buddies dead or alive

Pantera, Slipknot, Behemoth


MM: What was the first gig/ concert u ever went to

Ahahah, that was Brian Adams when I was 13yo, with my very first girlfriend.


MM: The last one

Delain, Dark Water tours, since my band mate Ludovico Cioffi plays with them and I love them, although the music genre is different from TMAS. They are simply amazing musicians and great performers on stage.


MM: If there was a deathcore song about yourself what would it be called

There is. “You Only Live Once” from Suicide Silence


MM: Is there particular a song written by someone else you wish u had written 

There are several songs in Italian, although I will name one song that anyone may know and that would be “I am the Highway” from Audioslave & Chris Cornell.


MM: What would you say The Modern Age Slavery motto in life is

There are no great men, only great challenges.


quick fire rnd

1. Vinyl or digital. Vynil

2. beer or pizza Beer

3. saint or sinner Saint

4. festival or small intimate gig Intimate gig

5. Lazio or Juventus Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The Modern Age Slavery 

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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