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                                                                              Thin Lizzy
                                                          Classic Album Collection   SPV Records / Steamhammer  

This set contains a selection of 6 Thin Lizzy albums and I would say this would be ideal for someone who is new to the band, and a must for  diehard fans.  With the recent, and in my opinion the best reincarnation of Lizzy, working tirelessly to keep the memory of the legendary Phil Lynott and his music with Thin Lizzy alive, they are again at the forefront of the Rock music scene, (there may be new offerings in the pipeline), but for the time being sit back and relax, as  you delve back into the history and of this great band, from 'Night Life' to 'Black Rose'.


'Night Life' (1974) is one of the softer albums by Lizzy, but I guess they were still really finding their sound and it’s a kind of experimental album.  It includes a fair few ballads, including the heart wrenching bluesy classic 'Still In Love With You', then there’s the hard hitting and moving 'Frankie Carroll', intermixed with happier more upbeat songs like album opener 'She Knows'.  This was the seventies don’t forget, so we get a funkier number with 'Showdown', where Phil and Co. get all groovy.  This isn't exactly the heaviest of their albums, but nevertheless very competent and when the band were starting to showcase their talents and fit into their musical groove and direction.


'Fighting' (from 1975) is more hard rock with a melodic tinge.  ‘Rosalie’ Bob Seger's song and a crowd favourite is the first track and truly rocks.  If you have been lucky enough to have seen this song performed live, then you will know it is Head-Banging Heaven!.  ‘For Those Who Love to Live’ is dedicated to Irish footballing legend George Best and on the song, the twin guitars of Robertson and Gorham come to the fore for  the first time, and would live and stay with Lizzy thankfully as they got heavier and put more guts into their sound.  ‘Suicide’ rocks like a drunken man on a ledge and you get an awesome guitar solo from Brian Robertson, as he really lets fly on this track.  ‘Wild One’ is a mushy schmaltzy ballad.  ‘Fighting My Way Back’ a hard rock song that really should be a better known.  ‘Freedom Song’ is a story about  someone being hung and shouting freedom, and is quite moving.  ‘Ballad of a Hard Man’ is hard rock with a little bit of funk into the bargain as well.


'Jailbreak!' now we are talking.  A classic Thin Lizzy album released in 1976, the year of the heat wave and Thin Lizzy sure turned up the temperature with this classic.  It made people sit up and take notice.  The album has so many great tracks such as the opener ‘Jailbreak’, which is gritty and raw.  'Running Back' has a bluesy folky feel to it.  Then there’s the brilliant and so well known 'The Boys Are Back in Town', there’s been many versions of this song but Lynott has to be one of the best.  'Warriors' has dual guitars and ‘Cowboy Song’ always goes down a treat live.  Final song 'Emerald' is a classic rocker if ever there was one.  This album is full of rock, blues, awesome guitar solos and really kicks ass!


'Johnny the Fox' is an album I have never really gotten to grips with.  There are some great songs on here, but they are in no way as good as 'Jailbreak'.  'Johnny' is a tale of a man gone bad and on the run. It has a dead catchy chorus ... " Whoa Johnny" ... it will buzz around in your head for some time.  'Borderline' is a really nice, but a very sad and moving ballad.  'Don’t Believe a Word' is a personal favourite Lizzy track and I just love the lyrics and the richness in Lynott's voice on this one.  'Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed' is funky number and they mix it up, it is very enjoyable.  'Massacre' is probably the strongest, most powerful  track.  A bit of a disappointment after the great 'Jailbreak'.

Next we come to the fantastic 'Bad Reputation', an album that more than made up for 'Johnny The Fox', Lizzy are scorching on this and really go for it.  'Soldier of Fortune' starts the album off slowly and is a very meaningful track, then you go into the classic and rifftastic 'Bad Reputation', which includes a breath taking solo from Scott Gorham.  'Southbound' is a fantastic offering with an inspiring, catchy chorus and epic guitarmanship.  Of course the songs a belter, as is the classic 'Dancing In The Moonlight', a totally groovy and fun tune that hasn’t aged and never will.  'Downtown Sundown' is a nice ballad, not one of the groups best, but good nevertheless.  Final song 'Dear Lord' is awesome and finishes off a great album with more great solos and spellbinding vocals from Mr Lynott.  Totally class.


'Black Rose' is the Thin Lizzy album of all time in my opinion.  Gary Moore had come in and replaced Brian Robertson and the album was more beefed up and metal than their earlier releases. The cover of 'Black Rose' has been inked onto many an adorning fan of this group and every song on this album is a winner.  'Do Anything You Want To' is an anthem if ever there was one.  'Toughest Street In Town' is metal-tastic and 'Waiting For An Alibi' is classic Lizzy, sooo smooth.  'Sarah'  is a cute ballad, dedicated to Lynott's daughter and probably one of their best slower songs.  'Get out of Here!' is a punk fuelled number and bops along.  And then there is the Legendary 'Black Rose', a song about Ireland and you can hear in his voice the passion and emotion he felt towards his country what a classic!

Everything about this collection is great and well worth spending your hard earned on.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


Tracklisting: Nightlife
1.She Knows
2. Nightlife
3. It's Only Money
4. Still In Love With You
5. Frankie Carroll
6. Showdown
7. Banshee
9. Sha la la
10.Dear Heart

Tracklisting: Fighting
1. Rosalie
2. For Those Who Love To Live
3. Suicide
4. Wild One
5. Fighting My Way Back
6. Kings Vengeance
7. Spirit Slips Away
8. Silver Dollar
9. Freedom Song
10. Ballad Of A Hard Man

Tracklisting: Jailbreak
1. Jailbreak
2. Angel From The Coast
3. Running Back
4. Romeo And The Lonely Girl
5. Warriors
6. The Boys Are Back In Town
7. Fight Or Fall
8. Cowboy Song
9. Emerald

Tracklisting: Johnny The Fox
1. Johnny
2. Rocky
3. Borderline
4. Don't Believe A Word
5. Fools Gold
6. Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
7. Old Flame
8. Massacre
9.Sweet Marie
10. Boogie Woogie Dance

Tracklisting - Bad Reputation
1. Soldier Of Fortune
2. Bad Reputation
3. Opium Trail
4. Southbound
5. Dancing In The Moonlight
6. Killer Without A Cause
7. Downtown Sundown
8. That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart
9. Dear Lord

Tracklisting - Black Rose

1. Do Anything You Want To
2.Toughest Street In Town
3. S & M
4. Waiting For An Alibi
5. Sarah
6. Got To Give It Up
7. Get Out Of Here
8. With Love
9. Black Rose                    




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