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                                                    The Awakening   SPV Records / Steamhammer  

Germany has produced yet another cracking band and they are called Victorius.  

Basically this Saxony band may not bring anything new to the table, but does that really matter?

If you have a penchant for heavy, Melodic Metal played at a break neck speed then this is going to please you.  The album opener 'Age of Tyranny' bombards you, this is fast and proficient, delivered with energy, verve and enthusiasm. 


It is catchy, melodic and will have you singing away after a couple of spins. So that’s the first track, and to be honest there is not one filler on here, it starts as it means to go on, it’s a frantic, powerful and passionate album. 

Second song is the superb 'Starfire', it is a crowd pleaser, catchy as hell and will have the masses singing along in no time. Album title 'The Awakening'does what it says on the tin. 


It awakens and smashes into your mind.  'Lake of Hope' is one of the mid tempo tracks and the melodic tune age washes into your whole being.  'Black Sun' is possibly my favourite track on here, (although it’s really difficult to choose) as the title suggests it’s a darker song, heavier, and with more meat on it than a butcher’s slab! 


I can visualise myself at a gig watching the band playing this as I type, it’s simply superb. 

'Demons Legions' is chuggier and running at nearly six minutes it builds into a crescendo of scintillating solos, its epic stuff. 'Through The Dead Lands' is a roller-coaster ride of catchy fist pumping metal, with hooks to catch you and draw you into the brilliant messianic metal on offer; same has to be said for the next two tracks.


Final track is a Metal Anthem, called 'Metalheart' , now I used to find these songs about this great thing we call Heavy Metal at times to be too cheesy, but in these days of reality TV shows like the X Factor and indifference to Metal, I think these tunes give you the impetus to give the middle finger even more to the mainstream music world. 


A fantastic finish to one of the albums of the year for this reviewer! 


So to sum up: Throughout this opus the choruses catch you and stay with you all night and day.  With 'The Awakening' Victorius have proclaimed Power Metal is alive and kicking! it’s a stunning piece of work and will be a regular on The  Metal Meltdown Cloudcasts, I can guarantee that!  I sincerely hope this band gets the recognition they richly deserve.  


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Age Of Tyranny 
2. Starfire
3. The Awakening
4. Lake of Hope
5. Under Burning Skies
6. Black Sun
7. Demon Legions
8. Through The Dead Lands
9. Call For Resistance
10. Kings Reborn
11. Metalheart

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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