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                                                                                                           Visions Of Atlantis 

                                                                                                           Date: 14 May 2013   


MM - What can we expect from the new album "Ethera " and how much of a progression is it from your previous album 'Delta'?
MH - At first, sorry for the huge delay on this interview, completely got in time-trouble between touring, working in another job and studying at university, so let's waste no more time ;-)

Ethera's has a more modern approach, with less orchestration, again more synths and a more rock-attitude than Delta, which was much more Power metal-influenced.


MM - Do you have a personal favourite track on the new album?
MH - Personally I prefer 'Cleric's Emotion' as it contains everything we did on the album perfectly in one track in my opinion.
MM - What can we expect from 'Ethera'?
MH - Post-Apocalyptic Feelings, epic melodies, dreamy soundscapes, rock-guitars, an aggressive Maxi Nil voice a way you've never heard her singing so far and still typical Visions of Atlantis material

MM - If I had never listened to Visions of Atlantis before which album / tracks would you point me towards?
MH - From the new album: 'Machinage', 'Avatara' and 'Clerics Emotion', from previous albums 'Memento', 'Passing Dead End' and 'Seven Seas' maybe, but actually it depends on your personal preferences I would say
MM - What inspires the bands music?
MH - Historical themes, tragic stories, life itself, politics actually in some way and the inner psychological wars everyone has to face from time to time...


MM - Plans for the year, any festivals lined up?
MH - We just returned from the UK where we played at the Dames of Darkness Festival near Birmingham, this was just awesome. In October we'll return to Metal Female Voices Fest for the 5th time already. In the summer we'd like to focus on the first ideas for the upcoming album which should be released in late 2014 already I hope ;-)

MM - How would you describe your bands live performances?
MH - Energetic, funny, always a bit different and with a very positive atmosphere :-)
MM - What influences your music today  and what do you listen to  when you are on the road?
MH - When composing I'm influenced lyrically by historical and poetic stuff, also psychological themes often cross my way, when it comes to writing music I'm influenced by Gothic Music, Orchestral Stuff, Movie Scores, also from movies directly i got and get a lot of inspiration, actually everything that touches me, as I study German language I'm a lot in touch with poets and literature, also these things fascinate a lot.

When being on the road everyone of us listens to different kinds of music, most of the times I just listen to nature-sounds, chill-out music and meditative stuff, there's no need for metal in my earplugs on tour, too loud most of the times anyway ;-)
MM - Similar question to the previous one,  music influenced you growing up?
MH - Pink Floyd, Meat Loaf, Deep Purple, Hans Söllner (great German speaking songwriter, very society-critical stuff) and Manowar
MM - If you could share a stage with any three bands alive or dead who would they be?
MH - Pink Floyd with a reunited version including Gilmour and Waters once again, Manowar (just to get an idea if Joey deMaio`s really such an Ego-Asshole everyone says) and maybe Axel Rudi Pell to play 'The Masquerade Ball' with them as it's one of my all time-favourites ;-)
MM - What's been the biggest achievement so far for Visions of Atlantis?
MH - That we're after 10 years still here, still successful, and much more important: That we're close friends within the band, being able to see all this still as a true gift to have the best hobby in the world, namely Visions of Atlantis
MM - Best and worst things about being on the road? 
MH - Best is meeting new people, having time to do some cultural sightseeing, playing for the fans; Worst: All the rest, as it's loud, dirty, not my own shower, sleeping in a nightliner and an unhealthy way of living

MM - Three words to describe Visions of Atlantis?
MH - Symphonic, catchy, 80s
MM - Is there anything you would like to say to your fans and our readers?
MH - Thanks to all those who're still buying music legally, come to shows and show real support for their favourite bands.
A big "Fuck you!“ to all those who think that every musicians rich anyway and that there's no problem when downloading 1000s of tracks just to have it and to destroy all these bands in the end...and then complaining why less bands are touring, I hate this illogical way of thinking!


MM - Thanks !!
MH - Thank YOU!  And once again, sorry for the delay with answering the questions ;-)

Interview by: Seb Di Gatto

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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