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                                                                                               Woe To The Vanquished

                                                                                               Label:  Napalm Records

                                                                                               Release Date:  March 31, 2017

Warbringer return with their fifth Album "Woe to The Vanquished" at the end of the month and its a colossal work of art  as all hell breaks loose on the combat zones of history , this eight track opus is an unstoppable monstrosity  of extreme Thrashing Metal that crushes you with its furious , unstoppable , might .   Album Opener "Silhouettes" leads us into the mists of time with Drums and Riffs to intimidate and  keep  an angry Army of  blood thirsty  Rottweilers at bay ,this is a menacing  start to whet your appetite for whats to follow as galloping Guitars from Adam Carroll and Chase Becker  tear into your skull  battering   you with un stoppable force. The next song deals with the brutality and militaristic role that's becoming more and more virulent in many of the worlds police forces , this will see you head banging yourself  into a Metallic stupor as Carlos Cruz's Drums beat into you,  combined with massive killer riffs, this is going to ignite many a mosh pit with rabid Warbringer fans , slamming, headbanging and venomously repeating the chorus as  they vow to "Remain Violent" . 


"Shellfire" explodes into the room as John Kevills yells ,  taking you back to the frontline of the First World War with its endless, pointless battles as troops on opposing sides were  simply lambs led to the slaughter, the filth, rats and human decay  is fully transmitted in this exceptional and  harrowing take on the  misery and destruction that happened a hundred years ago, its a savage  atmospheric track full of  hostility and horror to thrash you senseless. 

 "Descending Blade"  slashes its way  into the room with the mighty booming Bass from Jesse Sanchez united with the shredding Guitars and Kevills banshee screams and  angst filled Vocals , together they deliver a no holds barred Metal assault. 


"Spectral Asylum" gives you a slight reprieve from the obliteration of your brain cells but that brief break  is soon shattered as the track rampages away . 

Penultimate track "Divinity of Flesh is full on shredding guitars, tormented vocals and a thundering rhythm section to kill for!

Final Song "When The Guns Fell Silent"  is a diverse and very unexpected track,  running at a huge eleven minutes its aggressive , superb  and batters you senseless, leaving you completely absorbed by the bands dynamic and exemplary skills this whole release will have pits exploding leaving bodies battered and bruised. mind , body ,and  soul, what a spectacular finish this is to eight tracks of Thrashing Insanity!   


Review: Seb Di Gatto         Score 9/10

Reviewed :1.03.17




2.Woe To The Vanquished

3.Remain Violent


5.Descending Blade

6.Spectral Asylum

7.Divinity Of Flesh

8.When The Guns Fell Silent


Band Line up:

John Kevill - Vocals    Adam Carroll - Guitars    Chase Becker - Guitars    Jesse Sanchez - Bass    Carlos Cruz - Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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