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MG:Hi, Great to meet you, your  first album after nearly 30 years is due to be released  at the end of the month , what are your feelings as it gets close to the release.


JJ.:It`s not real. I`m proud. I`m happy. I`m all what you want.

Yes, I`m 30 years older but in my heart i feel like being 20 years old (smile).

You know. I never thought that this could happen. It`s very special to me and maybe it`s a new world record in waiting to produce a new album after 1985 "The Enforcer". Ha Ha!

It´s also very exciting to expect the reactions from fans and press.

There is no clue for me because the public development of the band with new songs is missing over the last 30 years.

Bands like Helloween for example started with us and made their career.

They have made their experiences.

That`s all missing with Warrant and now it all comes together.

Yes it`s extremely exciting.

Maybe a second chance ....  all the mistakes we have done in former times by killing our career...


MG: What inspired you to release a new Warrant album

JJ:The fans. Only the fans. We played many shows the last years all over Europe. I felt that there is more then only playing the old stuff.

It´s a lot of fun playing this stuff and i will play songs like "Satan" till I´m dead. No problem.

But i felt that the fire burns writing new stuff with Warrant. It felt like in 1984 and it was quit easy to note new ideas.

Also the new band with Dirk Preylwoski and Thomas Rosemann is worth to present.



MG: "Metal Bridge" is brilliant and well executed, do you have a personal favourite on it


JJ:Thank you so much!

Don`t know. Sometimes the most I like this song, sometimes that song.

Difficult. Every song is very special to me because (smile) written after so many years...

I love them all...

But maybe "Immortal"... a very personal song and "You keep me in hell" for being the first song in the new Warrant phase.



MG: The Album cover is interesting can you tell me a bit about it and did you have any input into its design


JJ:Yes, I like it too. Technical the album was fixed by Gyula Havanczak. He`s a great designer from hungary.

He also worked for Destruction, Annihilator, Grave Digger.

Don`t know when the idea entered my brain but i was looking for something very special and unique.

I contacted Gyula and i hoped that he will be interested in fixing my idea. I think he was very enthusiastic.

The result is brilliant.

I wanted to transport the Enforcer from past to present with a new cool design.

Also the cover should fit to the Warrant sound from today.

There are trademarks from the eighties being still alive. But there are also influences over the last 30 years from many kinds of metal.

I love it being open minded. I still like Heavy Metal from the early eighties. It´s my life. But its also my attitude to give new sounds a chance.

Simple spoken it`s a "Metal Bridge". Hope it works.         


MG: Plans for the rest of the year, and what does 2015 hold for you guys


JJ:Current Tommes our drummer is injured and he can`t play. We are waiting for him to come back to the rehearsals.

It´s a hard time for him. He has problems with his arms.

Dirk and me we are rehearsing at the moment.

Incidentally preparing shows for 2015. Wanna play live to feature the new album as often as possible.

Maybe we are playing in Spain and Italy.




MG: Whats your feelings on the current Metal scene


JJ:Confusing (smile).

Many kinds of metal. Maybe too much.

For me it`s all "Heavy Metal".


MG:What was the first album you ever owned


JJ:Sweet "Desolation Boulevard"

I still love this album. Extrem good songs from their metal phase.

It influenced me definitely.

Also the albums "Off the record" and "Give us a wink". Great stuff.

The band is totaly underrated. The hard rock phase from Sweet is brilliant.


MG: What you have been listening to recently


JJ:"The Police", "Saxon", "Alterbridge", "Alan Parson`s Project", "In this moment", "Judas Priest",

Don´t wonder.

It`s normal for me.



MG: Thanks for your time and is their anything you would like to say to our listeners and your fans


JJ:Thank you so much for remembering Warrant Germany!!! The first and real Warrant (ha Ha).

I`m extremely thankful to have the chance to present Warrant after all this years.

Hope to have some good shows in 2015. Hope you like the new album, also when it`s a little bit delayed.


Stay Metal ...Metal Bridge 


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